Do you know the neat little packet that you send home at the beginning of the school year with all your information, event dates, class rules, etc.? I believe those seasoned teachers already know there’s 3 possible locations of that paper. 

  1. In the bottom of the students backpack where it has been since you lovingly put it there. 
  2. In a kitchen drawer, hiding from all eyes just waiting two years from now to be found when the junk drawer gets cleaned out.
  3. In a nice plastic bag home in a landfill somewhere. 

I mean, let’s be honest. It is bound to happen to the majority of your students, whether on accident or on purpose. This is why you need a teacher business card! It is exactly what it sounds like. A card with your name, your information and even a QR code that leads to classroom information. It is something that is small enough to fit in a purse or wallet and clearly has the contact information parents may need. This way no one looks you up on facebook to tell you they forgot to send a snack today. Yes… that has happened. So, it is never too late to jump on board! Here’s a few more reasons you need to get yourself a teacher business card:

QR Code

These are so beneficial! You can use these to easily direct parents to the school website, class dojo site, class blog, google drive folder, class instagram account, SeeSaw site and so much more! QR codes can help take the stress away from sending out emails and messages with the same links over and over again. It’s a quick and easy reference that should be fool proof for all your student’s guardians. 

You Can Get it Magnetic!

You can design the card and pop a magnet on the back or send it to a print place to make magnets so parents can place them on their refrigerator! Who doesn’t love a good useful fridge magnet, anyway? Easily accessible equals hard to misplace.

No More Pesky Message Requests

How many times have you had a parent send you a message request on social media to contact you because they lost your contact information? I would get calls from the office to tell me a parent was going to be patched through and it would always interrupt my lessons. There had to be a better way. Once I handed out the business cards more parents would contact me through my class app or email than before! It was a stress saver for me. 

Express Yourself!

You can show your unique personality with the designs and also add your own classroom slogan for the year! You can make it fun and unique to showcase your teaching personality. 

You can find a customizable teacher business card HERE! 

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