5 Benefits of Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher Communication bridges the gap between home and school. At the beginning of a new school year, everyone is usually just getting to know each other – you meet the parents briefly early on and then may not encounter them again until a holiday party or music program later in the year. Creating a powerful support system through strong and consistent parent-teacher communication enhances students’ classroom experience and overall learning journey! 


Developing strong parent-teacher communication plays an essential role in building trust and enhancing the partnership that’s needed between home and school.  When parents see a teacher’s investment in their child’s education and well-being, they will likely be encouraged to share their thoughts and insights as well as become more involved in the student’s progress, both in and outside of the classroom. 


When parents are well-informed about their child’s progress, strengths, and even areas that need a little extra attention, they can help to provide targeted support at home. Consistency helps students feel valued and will often lead to them being more motivated in the classroom.


By providing unit updates and sharing what’s happening in the classroom with parents, they can reinforce learning outside of school hours. This strategy can open up conversations or have students doing activities at home that will build on their confidence and knowledge of what’s being taught. 


Open lines of communication allow parents and teachers to work collaboratively, addressing any behavioral concerns and discussing a plan of action, together. This makes it easier to encourage positive behaviors and tackle challenges before they become bigger issues.


Picture this: A parent opens their mail or child’s backpack to find a note from you celebrating their child’s recent achievements, or reads a quick update on a class project or activity they’ve been working hard on in the classroom…

Sharing student achievements with parents not only boosts the child’s self-esteem but also makes parents feel proud of their child’s accomplishments and progress!


Parents often have unique insights into their child’s learning style and preferences. Having strong parent-teacher communication gives the parents an opportunity to offer their input, which can help with teaching method adaptation, making learning more effective and enjoyable for each student.


Simple updates and open communication will not only provide parent’s with a sense of trust in knowing your investment in their child, but also gives them the opportunity to celebrate their child or provide additional support at home – opening up conversations, tackling challenges, encouraging positive behaviors and boosting self-esteem! 

These 3 free resources are a great way to involve your students’ parents in their learning and development in the classroom! 

Celebrate your students with a 

WooHoo 🎉

You’re so Bright 💡 or

Drop the Mic 🎤

The cute and simple Positive Notes Home freebie is the perfect gesture to highlight your student’s efforts or success!

As teachers sometimes providing constructive feedback is a must, too. Keeping open communication with students’ parents is just as important as celebrating student accomplishments. Using the Think Sheet freebie keeps parents well-informed and gives them a glimpse into how their child’s day was in the classroom, allowing them to address behaviors or reinforce expectations at home, and preventing any surprises at conference time!  

A fun and creative activity for your students that’s a great way for you to get to know a little about them and for your students to get to know a little bit about each other, too!

The posters can be used to create an icebreaker on that first day of school, to showcase and celebrate your students for their special day or as student of the week, or simply to use as an added “book” to your classroom library that your students can view all year long!   

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