Hey there, I’m Jennifer!

I am an elementary teacher, mom of three, curriculum writer, and founder of Cupcakes & Curriculum.

Providing done-for-you classroom activities and lesson plans, Cupcakes & Curriculum wants you to remember that you are MORE than a teacher!

Here you’ll find teacher hacks, classroom management strategies, and standards-based curriculum that recognizes all of the unique learners in your classroom.



Let me guess a few things about you...

You are a teacher that has a pretty awesome life outside of your job.  Sometimes we feel like TEACHER is our only role, but we are so much more than that!  

You spend so much of your time and energy on your job that you often don’t have anything left for the people that you love.  At the end of a long day, do you feel like you are fully present when you get home, or are you distracted with your to-do list and trying to recharge your patience and energy?

You have a serious FOMO when it comes to being a fun and engaging teacher for your students.  You want to be that teacher where all the students want to be in YOUR class.  How can you possibly make that happen with so much on your plate?

You love pinning ideas about how you can have a perfect lesson plan but you never actually implement any of them. TIME.  That’s what those things take, and you just don’t feel like you have any of it.

You care deeply about your students, and you love your job… but you are getting burned out with searching high and low for fun activities and lessons. We all know that our supplied curriculums don’t have it all… and we are overachievers by nature.  We want to find something BETTER.  But that just takes for-ev-er.

If any of this sounds like your inner dialogue... I'm SO glad you're here.

I’m not promising to have all the answers, but I am here to say that I have been in your shoes.  I have been overwhelmed with it all and trying to be an awesome teacher… all while still trying to have time for my family, friends… and MYSELF.

I don’t have the secret sauce to complete life balance… I don’t have a magic potion to give you endless amounts of energy… & I don’t have the ability to clone you.  But here is what I do have:

  • Easy to prep lessons for your students that have been used in a real classroom.
  • Classroom decor and organization kits that will give all of your teacher stuff a place to “be.”
  • Ideas that don’t take hours of planning to implement.
  • Strategies to help you work smarter for now, and for the future.


Outside of my work creating resources for Cupcakes & Curriculum, I love spending time with my family

I am a mom to three little boys who keep me on my toes, and a bonus-mom to two more!  Life these days is consumed by diapers, bottles and school pick-ups & drop-offs… and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

When I am not in business-mode or mom-mode, I love to try new restaurants with my husband, escape by watching the most ridiculous reality TV, read another Colleen Hoover book, spend summers at the pool, and pretend that I’ll have time to try all these home DIYs I am saving on TikTok and Pinterest 🙂