3 Must-Do Activities for the First Day of School

3 must do activities for the first day of school

Along with the excitement for the first day of school comes nerves and an abundance of to-do’s.  Breaking down your first day – or let’s face it – first week of school with some key activities will help to set the foundation in your classroom while also building relationships to create a positive learning environment from the start! 


While there truly are such a wide variety of activities you can incorporate into those first days back, I’m sharing three of my top must-do’s that will encourage your students and calm the overwhelm, so everyone is ready to come back day after day!  

The All About Me Poster activity is a teacher and student favorite! Not only is it a perfect ice breaker for your students to share about themselves and get to know their classmates, the posters can be used in a variety of ways to showcase and celebrate students throughout the year!

Want some ideas on how you can display and incorporate these posters in your classroom? Head to 3 Ways to Use All About Me Posters in Your Classroom where I feature my favorite ways this project can give back to your students and your classroom long after they’ve been completed.   

Highlighting classroom procedures and expectations is a first day of school task that you’re just not going to get around, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and creative for you or your students! Whether you’re in a standard classroom or a self-contained setting, with the CHAMPS Display Cards you will be consistently setting clear expectations for each part of the day, allowing your students to visually see and understand what is expected of them. 

Whether students are new to your school or not, the first day of school can play an important role in the remainder of the year when it comes to children making – and keeping – friends! As students foster meaningful friendships, they benefit with social, emotional, and academic growth, which empowers them to develop and build necessary skills they’ll carry outside of the classroom. 

The SEL Making Friends Activity is a comprehensive and engaging lesson that is sure to get your students excited to make new friends! 

Take a peek at what all is included in this done-for-you activity by checking out my Making Friends: SEL Activities for Kids blog post that features the mentor text, worksheets and activities inside this must-have resource. 

What do you include as a first-day must for your classroom? Let me know in the comments! 

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