Making Friends: SEL Activities for Kids

Friendships play a crucial role in a child’s overall development – influencing their social, emotional, and academic growth.  Fostering a meaningful friendship can be challenging, so I’ve created an engaging and comprehensive unit that will help you teach your students the importance of making friends! 

In this one week long, done-for-you activity, students will focus on making friends based on the mentor text Peanut Butter & Cupcake! This book gives your students a frame of reference about the focus of the week in a kid-friendly and relatable way, and will allow them to digest and understand the message.  

Let’s take a look at what is included in this resource and the activities your students can engage in as they learn how to make and keep friends! 


  • Lesson Plans
  • Student Journal
  • Task Cards
  • Extra Printables
  • Bonus Materials
  • And, More! 

The task cards scenarios will prompt students to think about and discuss ways to make friends and keep friends!

BONUS: editable version of task cards and PowerPoint so you can add your own scenarios about making friends

The interactive worksheets offer a fun way for students to consider what a friend is – qualities of a good friend, what they have, what they say, and even what friends are NOT. 

We go together like:
“Ice Cream and Sprinkles”
“Spaghetti and Meatballs”
“Eggs and Bacon”

Create a fun and reflective bulletin board with the adorable open-ended writing pages. 


Because I know time can be limited, each daily lesson is designed to take only 15 minutes of class time – making it manageable for the busy classroom teacher! Even with a quick lesson, your students will be engaged in this fun activity, and you can also integrate some of your reading and writing goals into the unit! 

Ready to add this Social Emotional Learning resource to your wishlist or lesson plans? Be sure to head HERE to check it out along with several other must-have SEL resources! 

Character Education resources are one of my favorite ways to empower students to develop and build necessary skills, and the importance of making (and keeping) friends is just one lesson that can be taught through a SEL unit! And because I believe in the power of SEL, I am sharing this FREEBIE with you so you can get a glimpse into how engaging and effective these units can be for your students, too!  

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