Transform Your Resources and Classroom Décor Using Canva’s Powerful Design Tools

Transform Your Classroom Resources Using Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design platform that is being leveraged by people in various industries – and teachers are no exception! Being able to custom design various resources and classroom décor has never been easier!

From worksheets, daily slides, handouts, and posters to newsletters, certificates, forms and planners, Canva truly is a tool with endless opportunities to design and create, while also enhancing your materials and student engagement! 

Did you know? Teachers can get the Canva PRO account for free when using your school email address to sign up!

Now let’s highlight some of the various ways you can take your standard classroom materials and make them more intriguing, fun and functional! 


1. Create visually appealing and engaging daily slides

With the various templates Canva offers, you can create age-appropriate, custom-designed slides to enhance your students engagement.  To make your slides more interactive, you can add various illustrations, texts and graphics as well as clickable buttons and audio or video elements. Canva also offers the ability to incorporate progress trackers so your students can visually see their learning journey throughout the day or week! 

2. develop interactive worksheets and handouts

Giving your students educational content that is also engaging and fun can take your teaching, and their learning, to the next level! Canva allows you to develop interactive worksheets using visual elements and other features like images, shapes and text boxes that will help give your students a more hands-on approach to their learning. 

3. make classroom materials and décor

Whether you’re looking to create décor for multiple areas in your classroom or simply add in some coordinating materials like labels, name tags or signs, Canva is a great go-to resource! 

This user-friendly program has templates designed specifically for education and the classroom, and allows you to choose from various design types for sizing – such as posters, charts, flyers and more. You can design your décor and materials using colors from a decorative theme you’ve chosen, or you can incorporate your school’s branding – either way, creating a cohesive classroom is right around the corner when utilizing Canva!  

4. design conference forms and certificates

Choose a template or use the wide variety of elements Canva has to offer to create personalized newsletters, conference forms, or student certificates. Being able to add in relevant sections to your conference forms – such as student and parent information, student progress, strengths and weaknesses and goal setting allows you to meet your preferences and the requirements while also having a visually appealing form!

Canva’s tools also give you the ability to select from numerous colors and fonts so you can match your forms and certificates with your school colors, and even add in your school’s logo – what a great way to add in some fun to all of your materials!  

5. create a custom planner

Finding a planner that has all of the features you want (or need) for planning your days and your lessons can be challenging. Canva allows you to customize the layout and add elements from weekly or monthly overviews, lesson planning pages and attendance sheets to grading sheets, subject dividers, to-do lists and more! You can even take your planner design up a notch by personalizing it with your name, unique fonts, or personal photos.  Use your newly designed planner digitally or print it out – regardless you have all of the features you need to make your schedule organized and visually appealing!

Oh, and added bonus, you can quickly design additional pages or resources you think of after you’ve completed your project to add to your planner, and even edit your design using the same or similar layout from year to year! 

I’m curious – how do you leverage Canva for your classroom? Leave a comment and share your favorite ways to use this powerful tool – I’m sure other teachers would love to hear, too!  

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