Be the Coolest Teacher on the Hall with this Lego Classroom Decor!

I was always looking for new, fun ways to spruce up my classroom and involve things I knew my students would love. I had done character rooms, color scheme rooms, under the ocean, and even a beautiful boho room. I was always looking for something different and unique. 

I know, as teachers, there’s always something special about decorating your room to express your unique style and keeping up with the “cool” things your students would love. It’s also satisfying when you find a theme you can use throughout your classroom! So, here comes… LEGOS! I have to share this exciting decor bundle with you for simply how awesome it is! Here are some ways you can incorporate this theme throughout your classroom:

Name Tags and Student Numbers

Every classroom needs student labels on their lockers, desks and folders. It not only keeps your students organized, but is great for when you have a substitute teacher to have everything labeled as they are learning names. Let’s be honest, it can help us teachers learn names in the beginning as well! You can make these labels match your lego theme with the template provided in the bundle!

Supply Labels

Speaking of keeping everything organized, supply labels are a MUST! If you don’t have them in your classroom for every little cuby, folder, and drawer available then I suggest running and making them now! They are such a sanity saver when it comes to students learning to clean up after themselves. Thankfully, you can save a bunch of time making these by using these 120 ready to print supply labels with words AND pictures in the lego theme! There’s also a blank label to make your own! 

Schedule Cards

The best way to help your students keep track of the day is schedule cards. These are also useful by letting students be active in the daily routine. I liked to have a schedule keeper as a job in my classroom. It gave students responsibility in the room and eventually they would learn what comes next and when our schedule would change. These schedule cards can be lego themed as well to match the rest of your room, too! Don’t you love when things match?

Numbers, Letters and More!

Other ways you can include this fun lego theme is in full size posters for the alphabet and number lines. This bundle includes posters for 300 first sight words, A-Z letter wall, and even colors and shapes! If you’re looking for a calendar set, you’ve also found that here as well! With months of the year, days of the week and even pocket chart calendar cards with customizable special event days. So much is included that all you need to do is print and choose where to put it on your wall!

You’ll be the coolest teacher in the school with this fun and unique Lego theme! There is so much you can do and the resources are endless! I hope to see some fun Lego rooms soon! Get yours here!

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