Look No Further! Here’s the Best Thanksgiving Math Activity!

the best thanksgiving math activity

Ah, Thanksgiving. The time of year filled with fall weather, pumpkin spice, and the first long school break of the year. But before we get to that break, school is still in session and you still need activities to keep your students engaged while impatiently waiting for the holiday. 

So, here is a fun place value thanksgiving activity you can do with your kiddos! It is a number form turkey with nine forms your students can practice and master. Here are 4 reasons why you should do this activity:

Low Prep… Need I say More?

Having a great activity with little prep time is such a tremendous load off of any teacher’s shoulders. There are so many things to do to prepare for each lesson and sometimes you just need that go-to activity that you can use year after year that will always be just as engaging and fun. This number form turkey only requires you to print the material! The students can cut their turkeys and feathers to prepare for the lesson. They can color the feathers to their liking or you can print the feathers on colored paper if you don’t need that time filler. It’s that simple!

It covers multiple number forms!

Your students can practice 9 different available forms and there is also a blank template to add your own! Those included are:

  • Word Form
  • Ten Frames (up to 100)
  • Expanded Form
  • Base Ten Cubes
  • Tally Marks
  • Sum
  • Difference
  • Money
  • Tens and Ones

I love that there are many skills for them to practice and master within one activity.

Also included are 6 supplemental practice worksheets! These are great for students who need extra work. They can also be used as an efficient time filler, as well.

Flexible Lesson Time

The wonderful thing about this activity is you can set the pace. You can split it up throughout the week and do the first day as cutting everything out, then complete a few feathers a day and have the turkey complete by the end of the week. If all you need is a quick refresher practice activity, then you can have your class complete the turkey in one day! It all depends on what your classroom needs are.

Bulletin Board Material!

Everyone loves a cute seasonal bulletin board. Teachers, however, love a cute, quick bulletin board that is seasonal and relevant but also only requires the words “Our Smart Turkeys” and 1 staple for each student’s work. Adorable, yet realistic for a busy teacher around the holidays! This is the perfect material for your bulletin board to show off your student’s amazing math skills and even their artistic side! 

Overall this place value activity is one for the keeping. It covers every point from prep to engagement to multiple skills practice to bulletin ready! Grab this activity for this Thanksgiving holiday season, here!

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