Thanksgiving Place Value Practice

If you’re looking for a fun, seasonal way to practice those place values, here is your solution!

Thanksgiving-style place value turkeys are the most fun visual you can grab! This resource is also very diverse in the ways you can use it in your classroom. 

Here are a few reasons you’ll love it!

Flexible Lesson Plans

You can fit this entertaining lesson in as a small group or center, a whole class project, or as individual morning work! 

There are 16 task cards you can place around the room to use as a scoot game. My students loved this game and always had very good success with their practice this way. As your students travel to each card, they can fill their answers in the recording sheet! This is a great way to put some movement in the room, as well as a fun challenge.

If you choose to use this turkey as a center, you can let each group record their answers on the form. If you want to add a bit of challenge, you can give the center with the most correct total values a prize. I love games like this as small group activities as it really involves everyone to help each other and connect through teamwork! 

As an individual activity, you can use this as an informal assessment tool! Two turkeys with one stone! Assessment for you and practice for the students! They will also love to personalize their turkeys as individuals as well. 

Lastly, PowerPoint Slides! The best solution for whole-class work while keeping students in their seats and individually working on their own tasks. These are super helpful as informal assessments as well. You can have students look at the task cards on one slide at a time and review the answers as you go for hands-on practice!

Bulletin Board Material

I don’t know about you, but I love easy bulletin board material! These cute turkeys are perfect for seasonal boards and to show off the fun activities your class gets to do! Plus, I loved watching my students always smile and show off their work on the bulletin board to their friends. It encourages them to be confident in their work!

Active Review

Sometimes worksheets just don’t engage students long enough to get real practice in. Having reviews or lessons that contain real active practice helps to get them excited about learning! Also, reviews that are visual can help students to retain information more effectively. Base ten blocks are great for learning place value, and the turkey activity is great for organizing those blocks in the total number value. That’s why active practice is one of the quickest ways to help your students master this skill!

You can find your place value turkeys, HERE!

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