Place Value Games

Place value was honestly one of my top favorite math lessons when I taught. I loved using the number blocks and tens units as visual aids as it made activities fun and engaging for my students. I found that it was one of the subjects that was the easiest to have fun with by playing games and learning simultaneously. 

I wanted to share those place value games I used here with you so you can utilize them in your classroom as well! I think your class will enjoy them as much as mine did!

Place Value Bingo

I. Love. Bingo. It is such a diverse game that is useful in any subject! My students loved this fun game and it was one of my go to games to practice and review identifying base ten blocks. It comes with 50 unique playing cards and even a blank for students to create their own! Not to mention this is a great tool for substitute teachers as well!

Base 10 Block Scoot/Task Cards

This is a great game to get your kids up and moving in active learning! Scoot is a super fun game that really engages students while challenging them to complete task cards. There are also 3 options for recording and a teacher answer key! You can use these task cards with or without the Scoot game for whichever classroom setting you prefer. 

I Have, Who Has 

If you’re looking for a game that gets everyone involved and speaking, this is it. Each student will have a turn to stand in front of the classroom and call out a place value in block form. The student will say, “I have 2 tens and 4 ones.” The student with that numerical value on their card will then say, “ I have 24.” Then they will call out the next value and the class will continue until all cards are called. Every student will have a turn to stand up and participate as there are 32 cards. If you have less than 32 students you can always keep the leftovers to participate yourself or some students can get two cards. 

Grab these games and have a super fun place value lesson unit! Your students will love playing these activities and not even notice they are learning as well! You can find all three of these games in one bundle HERE! Plus you can find this super fun Halloween themed place value game HERE! Place Value Skeletons are sure to be a spooky hit this Halloween!

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