Prefix and Suffix Mini Lessons Your Students Will Love!

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I think as teachers we strive the most to find the things that make our students excited to learn. Whether that be a game, a challenge or even a fun activity. I found that finding that educational interest helped to bring balance in my classrooms. Now, I get to share that with you! 

These 36 days of prefix and suffix mini lessons were a class favorite. My students actually looked forward to these everyday! For 15 minutes a day we completed this simple yet fun activity which taught the difference between prefix and suffix and gave plenty of practice examples. Here’s a few reasons why my students loved it, and why I think you will too!

Time Efficient 

We know our young kiddo’s attention spans are not very long! The goal of the mini lesson is to give just enough time to practice learning prefixes, or creating their own suffixes, without getting them overwhelmed or eventually just bored of the lesson. Plus, it’s easy to fit into any schedule.

Teacher Guide

This resource comes with a teacher guide for you to keep track of what has been taught! It offers plenty of examples and additional meanings for the prefixes and suffixes provided in the lessons. It’s kind of like your very own cheat sheet! So, ultimately that’s less work for you.

Student resources

There is a student journal provided as an easy way for students to keep record of the prefixes and suffixes they learn. They can also store the meanings, an illustration of the word and the word used in a sentence. This also gives them plenty of notes to practice and learn. Plus, I have included a song/video that goes perfect with this lesson!

So Much More

From anchor charts to refer to when teaching to book marks for the students, there’s so much here for you to use! There’s even assessments included! It is a complete unit that you can use and even customize to your classroom. I know you want your students to be excited about learning, and here is one way you can make learning prefixes and suffixes interesting for them. 

Check out this resource HERE!

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