Christmas Math Activities Your Students Will Actually Learn From

christmas math activities your students will actually learn from

If you search for Christmas-themed math activities, you usually find coloring by number worksheets or the same worksheet you did in fall with a Christmas tree picture in the corner. Isn’t that frustrating? We teachers can spend hours looking for worksheets that help our students get real practice with a sprinkle of holiday cheer.

‘We want fun, yet engaging themed math worksheets!” I hear you! 

I have listed 4 lessons that will be a staple in your classroom each jolly holiday season! 

Christmas Measuring

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Students can use this resource individually or in small groups to estimate the length of several colorful pictures, such as candy canes, a Christmas tree, and Santa. Using the recording sheet they can record their estimate and the actual measurement. This activity practices measuring to the nearest inch, half-inch, quarter-inch, centimeter, or nonstandard unit of measurement with 5 pages of options. 

This is one of my favorites as we can use anything in our room to measure. Cubes, rulers, erasers, counting animals, and so much more. I like to also take this further and compare the nonstandard measurements within the group for some extra points!

Place Value Elves

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If your class needs place value practice, this resource has 16 elf task cards representing 10s and 1s base tens. You can use this activity for whole groups, centers, individual or even virtual as it comes with a PowerPoint presentation! Students practice creating an elf using the correct number of base ten blocks each elf represents on the card. 

You can make this more fun for the students by letting them create their own elf using the template provided. This is a great time filler assignment and can even be completed for morning work. 

Ornament Arrays | Christmas Multiplication

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Make a beautiful array display with these ornaments! Your students will practice their multiplication fact fluency and arrays knowledge with this Christmas activity. There are 24 task cards with factors 1-12 included. These are great for informal assessments and can be used as a digital resource as well. There are 3 answer key options for you (12, 18, 24 questions) and task card answer keys to fit your schedule needs.

Included is also a supplemental worksheet that can be used for an early finisher task or homework. I love this activity as a Friday lesson with a challenging twist as well! It’s all you need to sharpen up those skills with a neat ornament game!

Place Value and Number Sense Task Book

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If you’re looking for all the differentiation with the simplicity of low prep, here it is! This task book takes your students through place values and number sense practice. Tasks in the book are, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, 10 more, 10 less, 3-addend addition, subtraction, missing addends. This game can challenge your students on multiple different levels depending on their advancement. 

It doesn’t get better than practice work that turns into an instant resource for your students. Another bonus is you can use these as homework, individual work, rotations, and morning work. You can also find a breakdown of tips and use on the shop page! 

Each of these resources can be used year after year and never get old. You can find these activities, and so much more, on my Teacher’s Pay Teachers shop HERE.



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