Happy New Year Interactive Booklet

Can you believe we are approaching a brand new year? It feels as though this year has gone by so quickly! I know by this time of year your students have FINALLY figured out to write the year on their assignments, or can at least tell you what year it is. Well, here comes the twist! 

They will go on their holiday break and once they come back they will have to memorize a whole new number. It can be a bit confusing and some kiddos may not understand this change. That’s why a New Year’s Interactive Booklet can help round up their previous year and teach them about the year to come!

This interactive booklet is a fun activity for your students and can be a great keepsake for their year as well! I have parents who have kept this booklet for years and love looking back at their child’s new years resolutions and favorite memories. 

Here are a couple of other reasons I loved this activity!

Everything You’ll Need is Included!

I would get so frustrated when I got excited about a new resource just to find it doesn’t include everything I need! Thankfully, this booklet comes with everything in one download. It has spaces for elements about the last year, resolutions, and goals. There are also tabs for students to write their favorite memories of the past year about their home, school, and friends. I loved to see what students would write down or draw in this section! There would be sweet pictures of families on vacations, friends on the playground, or even a picture of me teaching. 

Another great bonus is every new year is included! So, you can use this resource for years and years to come. What’s better than an activity for a big holiday that I am already prepared for and know is effective? Nothing. I am all about consistency! 

Students Learn So Much!

For New Year’s lessons, I liked for my students to not only learn what a resolution is, but how to create one by making a plan for reaching their goals. That was always easy to do with this booklet as my students would review what a resolution means and then break down their New Year’s goals. We would even discuss how they will feel once they accomplish their resolutions. This ultimately teaches them the process of making goals for themselves! Yay!

Students can reflect on how they have changed the past year and draw (or write down and draw for multi-abled learners) how they saw themselves. Then they can focus on how they want to grow as a person, or student, in the next year. Self-reflection is a great character-building exercise! I loved to have my students write down the words to describe how they aspire to be in the coming year because they would also learn new vocabulary in the process!

Let’s not forget the fine motor skills and how they exercise following directions while doing this activity! I loved the visual examples of how to put the booklet together and the thick cutting lines for the younger learners as well! This made for an easy low prep lesson!

Overall, this is a great resource for New Year’s lessons! If you want to engage your students in a fun and meaningful activity then this is meant for you! Whether your students can write words and sentences or can only express themselves through drawing, they can participate in this activity. 

The year is updated each year!

You can grab this resource at my shop, here!

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