As we approach the middle of the year, we can see how our students are responding to this new school year and classroom community. This is also the point where maybe a few character education lessons may be put on the backburner through the hustle of the height of the year. However, there are some units that are so important during this checkpoint. Here are a few Social-Emotional lessons your students need right now!

Celebrating Families

An important reminder for students during this time of year is to celebrate where they come from. It’s not only important for personal reflection but respect for their peers and where they come from as well. This SEL lesson emphasizes that their background is understood, celebrated, and loved. 

I’m sure by now you have had discussions in your classroom about families and heritage. Your students may have also talked about their families on the playground, or have even met each other on event days. This means they have been exposed to each other’s backgrounds in one way or another. 

I have had many different forms of families while teaching and not all are “traditional.” Because of that, some students had questions. So, to avoid the possibility of any negative comments, we had a small lesson to discuss similarities and differences between the classmate. This made a big impact. 

This conversation encourages feelings of security, respect, and understanding as they learn more about their classroom community. 

We Aren’t Perfect

It is easy for our students to compare and be self-conscious about themselves as they are growing and learning. It is also very easy for them to feel pressure to be perfect. Whether it be from their family, friends, an older sibling who they want to compare to, or even the expectations they place on themselves. This can start young, and we can help remind them that it is okay to not be “perfect.” 

In this SEL lesson, you can help your students understand that our imperfections are not only okay but what makes us who we are! We should want to celebrate what makes us, us. The story included in this unit will help to relay how our imperfections are perfect for us as individuals. 

I love to share this lesson this time of year as the pressure of grades, friends, or maybe even home life may weigh down on them. It is a good reminder to be who they are, genuinely.

We’re All Special

As we’re creeping up on the midyear milestone we can already see a ton of growth! In student’s grades, in achievements, character, and skills! It is so exciting for us teachers. We know very well that every student grows at their own rate and that is perfectly okay. However, some students may get discouraged when their name isn’t on the wall of vocabulary champs and math wizzes, yet.

That’s exactly why it’s the perfect time to teach this SEL lesson. To teach we are all growing at the exact rate we need to be. We can remind our students that no one is the best at everything, but everyone is good at something! It is such a big lesson for their little hearts.

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Let’s keep enriching the lives and characters of our young pupils, one social-emotional unit at a time!

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