All You Need for the Cutest Classroom This Christmas

Everything Your Need for Christmas in Your Classroom

Decorating your classroom for Christmas can bring so much joy! I LOVE Christmas time! The lights, colors, the fancy decor everywhere – it’s all so wonderful. So, why not bring that joy into the classroom?

I’ve mentioned before about how important it is to give students the whole experience around the holidays and how it is so worth being a bit “extra.” When you go the extra mile to be festive and make your room an exciting place to be, it can help your students feel more comfortable.

So, of course, there are a few hacks I have learned over the years to make decorating simple and easy. I can share these with you below, along with my absolute favorite classroom Christmas decor!

Christmas Decor Hacks!

Tip #1: Keep it reusable! You want to have as many reusable things as you can. This saves money down the line and gives you the option for an easy setup! Like these cardboard lights, you can keep them for years and never have to worry about detangling light strands, lights going out, and turning them on and off when arriving or leaving.

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Tip #2: Command Strips! These are lifesavers! They are great for easy setup and take down. Plus, if your classroom has those terrible cold block walls, these may be the only thing that sticks! There is nothing worst than hanging something over and over again because the double-sided tape just won’t stay!

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Tip #3: Stickers can go a long way! You can easily add window stickers to keep decor simple, festive, and cheap. There are many to choose from, but snowflakes are a great go-to! You can give your room an easy makeover by also putting them on your desk, walls, or door too! Don’t worry! Window stickers, like the ones below, are usually super easy to take off! Don’t get the cheap-o regular stickers, they won’t be as easy to take off and are not meant for windows.

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Classroom Tree Ideas!

Traditional Trees

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This 4ft pre-lit Christmas tree is the perfect size for your classroom! I feel like a white tree is unique and beautiful. Although, if you are a more traditional gal, you can also grab this 4.5ft pre-lit tree! I love the fact that they are both compact and pre-lit. This saves space and time decorating.

Non-traditional Trees

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If you are looking for a SUPER easy setup AND take down, then this pop-up tree is perfect. No lights, no ornaments, no storage hassles. It is a 5ft tall tree that simply hangs on a pole. It is great for classroom decorating, but the only downside is if you like for students to hang their handcrafted ornaments, you won’t be able to do that with this tree.


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How cute are these ornaments?! These are the perfect school-related ornaments for your Christmas tree. OR if you are looking for some easy DIY student-made ornaments that can be sent home as keepsakes too, these wooden ornaments are the perfect solution.

Christmas Classroom Decor

Icicle Border

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You can use this icicle border for your bulletin boards and around your room for a dramatic snowy effect. You can easily update your cabinets, smart board, and windows to a winter wonderland theme. It’s the fun details like this that make decorating for Christmas fun!

Snowman Door Stickers

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Showing off some cute door decor makes your classroom stand out more than any other on the hallway! These cute little snowmen light up in the dark to give some extra pizzaz too! You can also use these to make an adorable bulletin board piece or wall decor.

Snowflake Lights

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Lights make everything brighter and merrier. That’s why festive lights are a must-have for every classroom this Christmas. Plus, you can keep them up for the whole winter season past the Christmas break!

All of these decor ideas are simple and easy to do for your classroom! You can enjoy making your room cute while staying on budget AND getting items you can use for years to come! Have fun decorating!

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