Thanksgiving Activities Your Students Will Love!


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Aren’t you just SO excited to get all the fun activities out for your kiddos? I loved breaking out the themed material making each holiday special for students. That’s exactly why I have a TON of great Thanksgiving activity ideas to share with you!

Below are a few of my favorite educational, crafty, and DIY Thanksgiving activities. You can easily save these and use these for YEARS to come!

The High-Value Educational Activities

These resources are built for fun learning. Your students can practice their math skills while still creating adorable holiday crafts. I love to use these during centers or large groups. You can even modify each lesson to fit your lesson plans and use the provided teacher guides and answer keys for easy nonformal assessments too.

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This Place Value Turkeys math activity will engage your students in the practice of counting base ten blocks to determine the total number. Students can get crafty and creative while practicing their place value skills with base ten block building. The best part is this lesson can easily be a scoot game with the task cards! So, if you are looking for an engaging and entertaining activity, this is for you!

Number Form Turkeys is a fun activity that allows students to make their own number turkeys. This resource includes 6 pages of practice worksheets, and all students will need to practice word form, ten frames, expanded form, base ten cubes, tally marks, sum, difference, money, tens, and ones.

You can NEVER go wrong with a measuring center. This Thanksgiving Measuring Center is built to help students learn how to master their estimation and measurement skills. Students will use these Thanksgiving-themed cards to estimate and measure to the nearest inch, half-inch, quarter-inch, centimeter, or nonstandard unit of measurement. Students can enjoy making their estimates and then use the recording sheet to compare their guesses to the actual measurement. You can even modify this lesson to allow students to compete to see which group gets the most right!

The Classic Crafty Activities

These are the classic store-bought crafts that are always a fun favorite! You can also send these home as keepsakes for parents! 

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Thankful ABCs are perfect for morning work, free time, or centers! Students get to practice their writing skills while writing all the things they are thankful for. This easy prep activity is also great to display in the classroom as a reminder of all the things students are thankful for this season! Plus, it’s super interesting to see all the things the kiddos come up with!

Turkey Crowns are an absolute must-have! Who can get through the Thanksgiving season without these adorable hats? The kiddos love to get crafty and color them with unique colors. This is a perfect pastime activity or morning work filler!

This Thanksgiving Activity Placemat is definitely full of fun. Your students can color, play tic-tac-toe with their friends, and practice their words with a search. If your class celebrates with a Thanksgiving “feast,” they can use their personalized placemats at their seat!

The DIY Activities

It’s always great to have your own little activity planned that is simply DIY-made-from-scratch fun! These activities don’t always have to consist of sitting at the desk doing worksheets or crafts. Here’s what I mean!

Leaf Walk and Coloring – This Thanksgiving activity is fun to do simply because it is fall! Getting the kiddos outside to release some energy and break the normal everyday schedule can be very beneficial. You can take your students on a walk around the school or playground and let them find a unique leaf. Then they get to put a plain piece of copy paper over that leaf and use crayons to lightly color over the leaf to crayon print the leaf onto the paper. You can have your students write a sentence about the leaf, grab multiple leaves to make a family, or even use this activity along with an SEL lesson! There are so many possibilities!

Silly Turkey Pictures – These are the best keepsakes for parents and make the cutest bulletin board pieces! Take pictures of your students with their silliest faces and set them aside. Then let your students create their own turkey feathers out of any craft material they choose. Feathers, construction paper, foam material, buttons, sequins, and whatever else you have on hand. Then you can put a DIY turkey body and their feathers around their silly pictures, and voila! You have the cutest, silliest turkeys on the hall!

Save these activities and get prepared for some Thanksgiving fun! You can modify each resource to fit your class’ needs as well. I hope you and your students have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday season! You can find tons of great resources at my shop here!

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