This is the Only Groundhog Day Math AND Literacy Bundle You’ll Ever Need!

groundhog day math and literacy bundle

Are you searching the internet trying to find a good Groundhog Day resource? Look no further! I am sharing it with you today, and trust me, it definitely won’t feel like the movie! You know, constantly stuck in the same routine (activity) all day or week just to get through this holiday. This resource is packed with 8 different themed math AND Literacy activities to enjoy and explore. Yes, EIGHT!

Let’s check them out…

What’s Included?

Groundhog Day Graphing: With the ballots provided, your students can vote whether the groundhog will see its shadow or not. Once all votes are in, students can graph the results and have an open discussion about the graph. 

Groundhog Day Fractions: Students will use the included two-sided worksheet while asking their peers what they think the groundhog will see. They’ll then color in the fractions graph to represent the responses in fraction form. They will practice using halves, quarters, fifths, and sixths. 

Groundhog Day Close Reading Passage: In this activity, students can read an informational passage about Groundhog day. They will then get to study the five underlined vocabulary words within the passage. This is recommended for 3rd-5th grade readers, but definitely not limited to! 

Reading Response Questions: This activity is related to the Groundhog Day Close Reading Passage. It provides four short answer questions relating to the short passage; two ‘right there’ questions and two ‘beyond the text’ questions.

Vocabulary/Summarizing Printable: Students will be able to match the underlined vocabulary words from the Close Reading Passage to their definitions. They will then write a summary of the passage using the vocabulary words. 

Color by Product: This fun activity allows students to answer basic multiplication facts and color the groundhog image. 

Making Words: To add some word fun, students get to use the word ‘Punxsutawney’ to create 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words! There are also letter cards included to use as a manipulative for some students. You can even make this a game with a timer and prizes for the most words created!

Groundhog Day Word Search: Students will get to search for vocabulary words relating to Groundhog day. 

How You Can Use These Activities

The great thing about this resource is it can be fitted perfectly to your schedule and even added in as fillers. Many of these activities can be used as small group/centers work, morning work, door passes, extras, large group activities, or even included as a whole lesson! 

The best part about how this package is designed is how each activity is related but also broken up into separate pieces. This is great to manipulate into your schedule as needed!

Ready to Go!

The biggest plus to this Groundhog Day Math and Literacy pack is that it comes in ready-to-go printables to make life easy on you! Don’t stress during planning period with prep and extravagant activities with cutouts and extra things. You can just print these off and go! Simplicity really is blissful. 

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I hope you enjoy this resource in your classroom for many years to come! You can find this package and many more activities for your classroom here!

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