Fall in Love with these Valentine’s Day Activities for your Class

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I don’t know about your class, but for mine, Valentine’s Day always came with a lot of distractions in the classroom. It is very sweet to watch the kiddos exchange cards and gifts, but keeping them on top of tasks was always a challenge with all the excitement and sugar rushes! 

So, naturally, having a cute Valentine’s Day themed activity helped to keep the students engaged while learning and helped to add a bit of fun to the day. Here are a couple of my favorite activities:

Valentine’s Day Measuring

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You can bring the celebration to your math class with this activity by having your students estimate and measure these adorable themed pictures! There are twelve colorful pictures with lines to indicate the start and stop for place measurement. You can use this in your small groups or even as a partner activity. If you want to add a bit of extra creative fun to it, I loved to use candy hearts for measurement tools! Your students can use the included recording sheets to jot down their estimates to the nearest inch, half-inch, quarter-inch, and centimeter.

Valentine’s Day Bingo Game

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I love, love, love bingo! Students enjoy this game and it makes for a great time filler or holiday activity! In this resource, there are 35 unique and ready-to-print bingo cards in color AND black and white! Your students can also create their own bingo card with the included card template for some added fun. You will get 4 pages of calling cards in color and black and white as well. If you have very independent students you can set this up as a center and have one student be the calling card holder while the other students play their bingo cards! 

If you have virtual classrooms you can also use this resource! Included is a digital version fo the game with all of the same options available in google slides! Your students use drag and drop pictures for their place cards and counters to cover the spaces. This ensures all students can join in on the fun, even from afar!

With all of the craziness that comes with holidays, you might as well join in on the fun and enjoy some themed activities with your students. These will be a huge hit in your classroom for years to come! 

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