The Ultimate Guide to Teacher Organization: 5 Amazon Products You Absolutely Need

The Ultimate Guide to Teacher Organization

Do you find yourself saying at the end of each school year, “I’ll be more organized next year”?

If that’s you, friend – or even if it’s not – you definitely don’t want to skip over checking out what I’m sharing in this post!

Hint: It’s a list of items you absolutely NEED! 

Classroom organization creates a well-structured learning environment for your students, but streamlining your systems is a must when it comes to clarity and productivity for you as the teacher, and you deserve to have some calm and simplicity in your day!

And let’s be honest, whether it’s in a classroom setting or in my home, implementing organization and systems is key to keeping spaces a little more functional and a little less chaotic – so I’ve rounded up a few of my go-to organizational products that just make sense to use for getting, and staying, organized! 

top 5 amazon must haves for classroom organization

(plus an organization system freebie)

The waterproof zipper pouch that has endless possibilities!

From storing centers, puzzles, board games or activity cards to papers, extra supplies or loose items from a project – these mesh bags are a must for keeping areas organized in the classroom! 

Added Bonus: the loop on the zipper allows you to hang these on hooks for quick access to what’s inside! 

Thinking a little outside of the box, this adjustable magnetic towel bar combined with s-hooks or binder rings is the perfect way to display anchor charts or posters!

Added Bonus: the color options available mean you don’t have to give up your classroom aesthetic for function

3. accordion file

This expandable file folder is a great option for keeping track of product manuals, student records, or master copies. Having this go-to system will keep you organized and have you knowing right where that hard copy is so you’re not trying to rack your brain on where you put it and wasting your valuable time! 

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Take your weekly prep to the next level with the hanging crate – use this to organize weekly lesson plans, papers to grade, papers to pass back, papers to file or anything else you use daily or weekly that you need right at your fingertips!

Grab these FREE LABELS to complete your filing system! 

Added Bonus: this system will not only have you feeling organized, but will be a game changer for those last minute schedule changes (especially if you need a sub) 

Need I say more on this ultimate teacher must-have? 

Markers and pens – stickers and washi tape – index cards, binder clips, magnets and more – The Teacher Toolbox holds all of your supplies and is truly an organizational item that just makes sense

Are you ready to say yes to getting organized, and giving yourself back some time by having a few systems in place? Add these products to your Amazon wish list and take control of your classroom organization! 

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