5 Amazon Manipulatives for Teaching Fractions

Overwhelmed at the thought of your upcoming math unit on fractions? I’ve got you covered! In this post I’ll be sharing my top favorite manipulatives for teaching fractions that will get you excited to teach and your students excited to learn! 

Getting creative by using real-life examples, hands-on activities, visual aids, fraction games and fraction manipulatives is key to making teaching fractions a breeze! 


Although teaching fractions can be challenging, using these interactive manipulatives will give you the opportunity to include effective and fun practices that will deepen your students’ engagement and understanding of this oh-so-important math concept! 

This colorful flipbook is the perfect addition to your center activities, helping your students learn fractions as they relate to decimals and percentages. Included in this activity are also task cards that are great for self-instruction and fluency review. 

A must have game-like activity, the Magnetic Fractions will give your students a bright visual to learn and practice a variety of fraction concepts – exploring fraction equivalence, addition of fractions, and more! Add this one into the rotation for whole group teachings or stations – either way, your students are always going to gravitate towards this one!  

Teaching your students how to convert fractions into mixed numbers or whole numbers just got a lot easier with these Fraction Bars. A great interactive activity, these blocks will also provide visualization as your students practice adding and subtracting fractions, and will make the term ‘common denominator’ a little easier to understand. 

A fun way to add some variety to your fraction teachings, these Fraction Dice can be used to challenge your students to improve their understanding of equivalents. Use these in small groups or centers for your students to practice fraction conversion to decimals or percentages, or use them as a review for individuals to show comprehension of various fractional relationships – no matter how you implement this activity, it’s a great add-in to your fraction unit lesson planning!  

With the double-sided feature, the Fractions on a Number Line boards are an excellent visual aid that can be used for either an individual or group math activity. Practicing placement on the number lines will enhance your students’ understanding of fraction size and comparison. This one is an essential math-curriculum activity that your students will enjoy. 

Combining concrete examples with these hands-on visual aids will help students develop a strong understanding of fractions that will serve as a foundation for future math learning, too! 

Looking for more resources to help in simplifying teaching fractions to your students? Head to the 5 Fun Resources for Teaching Fractions blog post or check out my library full of great options to add to your lesson plans and centers! 

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