5 Amazon Manipulatives for Teaching Place Value

5 Amazon Manipulatives for Teaching Place Value

Did you know teaching place value in the classroom can be FUN for your students? I have found some of the best manipulatives for teaching place value that will be low-prep for you and get your students engaged and excited to learn! 

Each of these resources are bold and colorful, making them the perfect visual tools for your students to practice counting to higher numbers and for learning or reviewing place value!

The Best Manipulatives for Teaching Place Value

All of these activities can be used in various ways, from whole group teachings to stations or morning work – No matter how you choose to use them in your classroom, they will quickly become student favorites! 

A colorful resource, the Magnetic Place Value Chart is a great option for your classroom, specifically for the visual learners. The design of this product will help your students see how different place values and names are grouped together. This is the perfect addition to small groups as you can quickly gauge your students’ understanding as they write or place the corresponding digits in the correct order.  

An engaging math game your youngest students are going to love, the Base Ten Blocks are a colorful must-have for counting review and learning place value.  This product sticks directly to the whiteboard, making it easier for learning and interacting as students can build numbers in multiple ways! 

With the double-sided feature, the Place Value Dry Erase Boards are great for practicing different problems on either side – from standard grouping and place value, to division, multiplication and various other equations. The aligned columns and groupings on the boards give students a better visual to solve problems more accurately, also giving them more confidence as they practice place value. 

A perfect resource for those visual and tactile learners, the Magnetic Place Value Dice activity uses easy to place and remove disks that allow students to “see” the movement of units as you’re teaching place value. This product can be included in a variety of math curriculums and is great hands-on practice for your students! 

This Activity Mat is one of my favorite manipulatives for teaching place value to younger students. Another engaging, visual product, this mat is great for teaching whole group or having at stations! In addition to adding some fun to learning, the mat can be used in a variety of ways – from simply counting to reviewing and teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  

If you’re ready to get your students excited for and focused on this math unit, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these manipulatives from Amazon that will help make teaching place value a breeze!

And if you’re looking for more resources to add to your bank of manipulatives for teaching place value, check out my library HERE

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