3 Reasons You Need an Independent Writing Center

Are you looking for ways to include an independent free writing center in your classroom? Today I’m sharing with you three important reasons I believe a writing center is a must, as well as an all access bundle that will help you get one started with minimal leg-work on your end! 

Creating an independent free writing center not only encourages creativity and improves writing skills, it also supports all learners, promotes independence and inspires writing ideas.   

Lets break down THREE of the advantages incorporating a free writing center in your classroom will foster –

  1. Supports all learners: Through an independent writing center, students are able to practice reading and writing, utilizing the activities and prompts to improve their skills. This also helps students learn new words and recognize spelling patterns, improving their overall ability to spell words correctly which is especially beneficial for those that may struggle more in that area, or for those newer to learning the English language. For all learners, a writing center will help students build confidence in their abilities and better express themselves through their writing.  
  2. Encourages independence: Allowing students to work independently in a free writing center can help them develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning. This method will also result in them asking less questions as they words will be right in front of them, encouraging them to become more self-motivated and engaged in their writing projects. 
  3. Inspires writing ideas: Themed vocabulary word banks will give students new ideas of things to write about, allowing them to use their imaginations and explore their creativity through their writing. By providing them with some freedom in the center, students can develop their own unique voice and style.

If you’re ready to inspire and guide your students as they learn to write independently, these centers are a must-have for your classroom! They will love all the fun ideas for writing and you will love the independence that this writing center will give your students as you work with small groups with less interruptions!

This bundle is jam packed with different themes – holiday and seasonal – as well as multiple BONUS writing pages and student reference pages. 

Centers in this All Access Bundle

  • January/Winter
  • February/Valentine’s Day
  • March/St. Patrick’s Day
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August/Back to School
  • September/Fall
  • October/Halloween
  • November/Thanksgiving
  • December/Christmas/Hanukkah

Included in each Writing Center Word Bank

  • Pocket chart cards for 28 vocabulary words with pictures 
  • Full-page reference of the 28 vocabulary words with pictures
  • Headers for the writing center pocket chart
  • EDITABLE version – create your own word cards with text and pictures

In addition to all of the materials you’ll get in this resource, it can be set up 3 different ways – adding options and variety to this writing center! Check out the three ways you can set this up here!  

I’d love to know if you found this helpful or if you’ll be adding an independent writing center to your classroom this year! 

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