Classroom Management: 3 of the Best, Most Effective Strategies

Let’s face it – classroom management is hard! At some point in your teaching career, you’re bound to be blessed with a classroom full of sweet students who are energetic, but tend to quickly get off task 😅 

Insert: an essential need to implement classroom management strategies 

Classroom management plays a significant part in creating a positive learning environment, ensuring classroom safety, and building a positive classroom community – but the overall effect of classroom management goes well beyond the walls of your classroom, which is exactly why we have to put these systems in place!  


Effective classroom management is crucial for maximizing learning, promoting a positive classroom climate, and managing student behavior. Three of the best ways you can attain classroom management are by setting clear expectations, using positive reinforcement, and establishing routines and procedures. 

If you need a little inspiration for how you can implement these strategies, keep reading as I outline my favorite ideas that are most functional and effective!   


Setting clear expectations in the elementary classroom is essential for creating a positive and productive learning environment. When we set clear expectations, we help our students understand what is expected of them, reducing confusion and uncertainty, and in turn, establishing a sense of order and structure in the classroom! 

Here are a few ways you can make sure your expectations are clear:

  • Create a list of classroom rules and post them in a visible area
  • Hold a class discussion about the rules and why they are important
  • Consistently reinforce the rules throughout the year
  • Explain your expectations for behavior and academic performance to your students

This classroom display is a great resource to have with the wording being paired with visuals, so students of all ages are able to understand the expectations.   


A powerful tool for promoting positive behavior, using positive reinforcement builds your young students’ self-esteem and increases student engagement. This method will help reduce negative behaviors as you can help redirect students towards positive alternatives by focusing on those positive behaviors and rewarding them.

Some simple ways to incorporate positive reinforcement in the classroom: 

  • Celebrate students’ successes and accomplishments
  • Use a reward system for good behavior – a sticker chart, point system, or classroom treasure box  
  • Praise students, not only for their grades, but also for their effort, engagement and progress
  • Make sure your students know that you appreciate them and their hard work

A fun and easy way to use positive reinforcements that go beyond the classroom are by sending positive notes home. These free, easy-to-print, notes are the perfect way to send an encouraging message home with your students to share!  


A strategy you definitely don’t want to skip over is establishing routines and procedures in your classroom. By doing this you’ll be able to increase student focus as well as provide consistency to your days. Creating these routines and procedures also builds a sense of community and helps students develop a better sense of independence and responsibility – a great way to enhance your classroom management!  

  • Establish a predictable routine for the beginning and end of each day – hello, schedule cards!! 
  • Teach your students how to transition smoothly between activities
  • Establish clear procedures for the common daily tasks, like bathroom breaks and getting supplies
  • Practice, practice, practice – continue to practice the routines and procedures until they become second nature

Added tip to keep your classroom organized and coordinated is by using schedule cards.  Create your own design or browse the variety of styles and themes I have already created for you for a grab-and-go, ready-to-print option! 

If you’re struggling with classroom management or are simply just looking for a refresh, I encourage you to check out The Free Classroom Management Tool that Saved My Year! or grab some of my favorite Classroom Management Resources that will help to hold your students accountable, and promote positive choices and teamwork in the classroom!

Do you have classroom management systems that you swear by? Leave a comment and let me know – I’d love to hear what’s working for you! 

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