Digital Games and Centers for Grades 1st-5th

1st 5th Grade Digital Games and Centers

There is a growing search for digital games within the elementary classroom. Students are growing up with access to tablets and computers at home which has, in turn, given an unexpected incentive system and a new way to engage students in learning. It’s no secret that kiddos love their technology. They are exposed to it in every direction (where some of us didn’t even have a mobile phone until WELL past our education years! Yikes!) It’s definitely a whole new world in education and can be a big help!

Laptops, tablets, and SmartBoards are great tools in any classroom! Technology can definitely be an educator’s friend! You can reduce prep time with individual worksheets and even send digital homework to students. For some reason, having the same game on a tablet as on paper can be more engaging to some students, which is amazingly odd! But it can work to your advantage! 

Below I’m going to share with you some of the best digital games/centers you can use with your primary-elementary classroom! From bingo to word work to math operations, there are some super fun digital options out there! 


DigiMath Bundle

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You can have multiple math centers at your fingertips with this resource! Students will be able to practice rounding to the nearest 10, rounding to the nearest 100, addition within 1000, subtraction within 1000 (no borrowing), subtraction within 1000 (with borrowing), subtraction across zeroes, and multiplying multiples of ten.

With the 20 digital task cards, teacher directions, and answer key provided, you will have a smooth prep time! (Which is the best part of digital games – practically zero prep time!) This is the best math center to have on hand for grades 2-3!

Prefix and Suffix Digital Unit

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36 days of mini-lessons! This is a digital interactive resource that my students LOVED! You can have 15 minutes a day of prefix and suffix practice that will help students master these skills with a youtube video, student journals, anchor charts, and bookmarks! Although this isn’t a strictly digital and independent center, it is a great digital interactive with amazing results! I explain everything you need to know in the teacher guide included! 

Word Work Short Vowel Digital Bundle

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Digital Games and Centers for Grades 1st-5th 11
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Digital Games and Centers for Grades 1st-5th 12

Kindergarten through third-grade classes can enjoy this short vowel center with eleven games included to provide multiple forms of mastery! I love love these word work activities as they are super effective at providing repetitive practice work on each vowel. These are student-led games that are easy to follow, so they are great for centers and homework practice. Once again, technology is on our side when our kiddos can strengthen their skills through multiple games at their fingertips!

1st Grade Math Quick Check Digital Bundle

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Digital Games and Centers for Grades 1st-5th 13
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Digital Games and Centers for Grades 1st-5th 14

First-grade teachers, get ready! Here is an entire bundle of digital activities for your kiddos! 3 interactive quick checks per standard for 13 standards! These are fun, engaging, and great material to use year-round for centers, homework, large group, etc. I loved to use these for quick informal assessments to help see where students were in their skill levels. The activities use graphs, charts, and open questions to provide even more ways for students to challenge their knowledge.


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Bingo is a must-have! If you need a fun time filler, a holiday-themed activity, or an extra center, then bingo is your go-to! I have multiple forms of bingo to choose from that work for K-5th grade! You can find many bingo versions, including back-to-school, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and more here! These are classroom must-haves that will become your favorite digital games!

Digital games and centers are great resources to use in the classroom! You can find more resources for multiple grades at my store here!

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