The Ultimate List of Centers for the Entire School Year ( 47 Centers Included)


Believe it or not, planning for centers doesn’t have to be a pain! You don’t have to do DIY centers or scroll for hours for ideas. You can simply pull from my favorites list, print, and GO! Yep! It can be that simple.

I LOVE center time. It was one of my favorite parts of the day as it gave room for creativity, teamwork building, and hands-on learning. As much as I loved this time of day, I did not particularly love the process of searching for new centers that never fit what I had in mind. So, naturally, I created my own!

Now I help teachers like you who are looking for unique, fun, and easy-to-put-together centers! Here is a list of my favorite centers throughout the entire year. I made these to be easy-to-follow and with options for digital or printable centers.

Here’s the breakdown of all the centers you would need for K-5! There is a list for Holiday/Themed Centers, Math/Science, Language Arts/Social Studies, and Freebies! I hope you and your students enjoy these centers as much as I did!

Themed/Holiday Centers:

If it is Christmas, Spring, or St. Patrick’s Day, you NEED to have themed centers to be able to pull from each year. I’ve listed all the holiday centers available for K-5 grade! For many, you can use these as print and go or as digital versions for your tablets and computers. There are also some fun ways you can modify these to fit your classroom needs and level.

Whether you need them now or later, save these immediately for easy access! You won’t regret it!


  1. Back to School Bingo 
  2. Christmas Bingo
  3. Place Value Elves
  4. Place Value Turkeys
  5. Place Value Skeletons
  6. Halloween Bingo 
  7. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo
  8. Sale Ad Pet Store Math Center
  9. Summer Measurement
  10. Fall Measurement
  11. Spring Measurement
  12. Winter Measurement
  13. Winter Multiplication and Arrays Task Cards


Math and Science Centers:

Depending on who you are, math can be one of the easiest centers to plan… or it can be absolutely dreadful to have to think about NEW math ideas every single week. This is where I come to save the day! Below are some of my absolute favorite math centers and activities that range from K-5th grade and can be modified to fit many levels. There are task cards, bingo, digital resources, and games! You can simply pull from this list each week and go!

I also have more math resources HERE, and you can find bundles with multiple activities in one set HERE. The opportunities are endless! I’ve pulled resources that can be used to show differentiated ways to show mastery, and many of these can be used for homework, practice, and large group activities as well!


14. Playing Card Math Centers

15. Numbers and Operations in Base Ten Centers

16. Fractions Game

17. First Grade Digital Math

18. Second Grade Math Centers

19. Arrays and Multiplication Task Cards

20. Fractions Center

21. Place Value Base Ten Game 

22. Fact Fluency Warm-Up Bins

23. Math Bingo Game Bundle

24. Estimating Sums Task Cards

25. Place Value (Hundreds, Tens, One’s Base Ten) Game

26. Place Value Base Ten Task Cards

27. Place Value Tens and One’s Centers

28. Rounding to the Nearest Center

29. Place Value Games Bundle

30. Telling Time Math Centers

31. Partitioning Shapes and Unit Fractions Centers

32. Measuring and Estimating Liquid Volume and Masses Center

33. Graphing and Data Math Center

34. Shapes and Their Attributes Center

35. Math Center Bundles

36. Measurements for the Year

Language Arts and Social Studies Centers:

Sight words and word work Galore! Oh, the fabulous material listed below!😍

I absolutely love these listed centers as they have been a huge contribution to student success. Whether it is learning how to write letters, how to form sentences, or even how to write paragraphs, you can find it here. These are great resources that can be used year after year in your classroom! Again, I’ve listed resources that can be used with grades K-5 and can fit multiple levels of mastery.

Find what you need, download it, and see how much your students will love these centers! There are digital and printable versions in this list, and you can find even more language arts resources HERE!

37. Word Work Centers

38. Sight Word System and Word Works Visual Direction Centers Bundles

39. Beginning and Ending Digraph Centers

40. Learning Longitude and Latitude Digital Interactive Resource for Google Drive

41. Digital Prefix and Suffix Unit for Google Drive

42. Year Long Sight Word and Word Work Differentiation System 

43. Literature Circles and Book Clubs Differentiated

44. SeeSaw Alphabet Practice


I can’t forget these wonderful freebies! Grab them now to add to your resources collection!

45. Fraction Puzzles 

46. Tens Frame Flashcards

47. SeeSaw Alphabet Practice Sample

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