10 Back to School Read Alouds Your Students Will Love

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It’s almost time for a new year! How exciting is that!

One of the biggest concerns on the first day from parents and students is the overwhelming nerves of a new grade, new teacher, and maybe even a new school in general. One of the best ice breakers is to read a book. It is calming, the content can be funny, and it allows for a great distraction from the craziness of the first day.

One of my all-time favorite books to read the first day is actually listed below! But there are SO many wonderful back-to-school books out there that it’s hard to choose, so why not pick a few, right?! I would read maybe three books on the first day. One in the morning to get everyone settled, one in the middle of the day as a brain break, and another at the end before students head home.

Reading is a powerful tool. It can open the floor to many conversations and spark new friendships in the process. I urge you to choose books that can be a conversation starter and let them be a gentle ice breaker for the new class. You’ll see how well it works! Here are some of my favorites below:

#1 A Letter From Your Teacher: On the First Day of School

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This book is the perfect choice for the first day! Meeting new people can be overwhelming, but through this read, it shows the students that you are someone they can trust and will get to form a special bond with during the next semesters. There is also a space to put your own name in the book so it can feel more personable to your students. The message behind this book also contains encouragement and excitement for the year to come. This is a definite must-have!

#2 Benny the Brave in The First Day Jitters

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I’ve come to find that many students who are scared on the first day of school are just lacking the feeling of self-confidence and security. They don’t know what to expect, and they are simply looking for some encouragement. This book is perfect for those kiddos who just need a boost to be brave. In fact, you can look into the series of Benny to find even more great resources!

#3 How to Get Your Teacher Ready

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I’ve recently stumbled across this incredibly wonderful book! If you are looking for a humorous, fun read, then this is your sign: grab this book! It’s a fun how-to book with a charismatic role reversal where students prepare the teacher to get ready for school. In the process, it helps your students feel confident and prepared for the coming year as well. This is another definite must-have!

#4 Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School 

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I love Amelia Bedelia books! So many fun and lighthearted moments are shared in this read where students can laugh and learn at the same time. They will see how friendships can be formed and the special relationships that can be formed between their teachers as well. I highly recommend this book to any teacher!

#5  Llama Llama Back to School

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Llama Llama was always a favorite in my classroom. There’s always a valuable lesson being taught. Just like many of our students (and maybe ourselves), Llama Llama doesn’t want summer to end. He is also nervous about his first day back to school. With the help of his friends, he begins to be excited about school starting. I feel like this is a great book for the second day as well. When the first-day jitters are ending and the feeling of summer being over really sets in. It helps continue the excitement for the school year!

#6 Splat the Cat: Back to School, Splat!

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Splat the Cat is always a hit! This book talks about him sharing his summer adventures with the class. This is a great book to spark conversation of summer activities, hobbies, and more!

#7 Click, Clack, Quack to School!

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This is the cutest series of books! When I found out they had a back-to-school book, I was super excited! This book is adorable and funny. It teaches a few school rules and manners as the animals prepare for farm day at the school. Of course, animals are not invited to the school with Farmer Brown, but if you’ve ever read this series, you know they find a way! This is another must-have for your class!

#8 If You Take a Mouse to School

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This is a classic! Every year it was on my back-to-school reading list. It is simply a tradition to bring this book out at the start of every new year! Grab yours now and join the tradition!

#9 First Day Jitters

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This is another book that has been around for a while but simply never gets old. This is always a class favorite! The jitters are normal for everyone on their first day, and this book proved that to those who are really shy and nervous. Grab this book for every new year of jitters!

#10 How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

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This funny and cute book is a fun read for any grade! Kiddos LOVE dinosaurs, and the thought of one coming to school is so silly they usually ask to read this one again. I love this book as it is another great conversation starter and seemed to always loosen up the class from those first-day nerves.

All of these books are perfect choices for a back-to-school reading list! Find your favorites, or grab them all, and get prepared for an exciting, wonderful new school year!

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