Halloween Activities & Centers for the Classroom

halloween activities and centers

Making every holiday extra special in the classroom is what every great teacher tries to do. From decorations to activities to goodies, bringing a small piece of holiday fun can be super simple and easy!

The trick is finding material that does not distract from lessons but enhances students’ engagement with their learning. To not take away from the standards and lesson plan, you need resources that will focus solely on helping students master their skills with a touch of Halloween fun.

If you’re looking for these extra fun-themed activities and centers, keep reading! You’ll find some of my absolute favorites below!

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Place value practice, Halloween style! This Halloween math activity will engage your students in the practice of counting base ten blocks to determine the total number. Students love to make their own crazy dancing skeletons in this lesson, and it’s even more fun to display on your board for all the other students to see and enjoy! This Skeleton place value activity can be used for individual, small group, and whole class work. Perfect for math centers or math morning work, too! It’s a very versatile activity, full of fun!

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You can also find this monsterously fun version with place value monsters! This resource is just as the skeleton version above, but is themed with adorable little monsters!

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This Halloween Bingo game will be a fun activity for your students to complete in small groups, large group, or digitally to celebrate Halloween! Use this bingo game with multiple grade levels! It is designed for students of all levels to be able to enjoy. You can use this resource year after year for an easy prep center, too!

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Students can use these Halloween-themed cards to estimate and measure to the nearest inch, half-inch, quarter-inch, centimeter, or nonstandard unit of measurement. I absolutely love these measurement activities as they make the best go-to math centers for students! You can even include a fun spider ring, pumpkin eraser, or other small Halloween trinket as the nonstandard unit of measurement that the students can then take home as a gift.

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Are you looking for another fun version of this measuring activity? Here is another option filled with silly monsters!

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Looking to do some SEL for Halloween? These social and emotional learning lessons use the book The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky by Jory John to model discussions around the concept of ‘BIG DEAL vs. LITTLE DEAL’. You can easily help your students understand what problems are big and what problems are little. Social emotional lessons are extremely important and vital, but Halloween-themed lessons just make things more festive, right?!

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Are you also looking for Halloween learning activities for your littles? Pre-K, Kindegarten or your toddlers at home can all enjoy this bundle of themed fun. I have developed this set of 12 activities with my own 2.5-year-old in mind, so this resource is perfectly guided to help give your little some learning time with colors, shapes, numbers, and fine motor skills!

If you’re looking for even more fun activities for your classroom, I have a plethora of amazing activities for all grades! You can see more at my shop, here, and get exactly what your teacher heart has been longing for!

Happy Halloween!

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