5 Must-Have Halloween Books + Activities

One of the kid’s favorite holidays was always Halloween. That might be because of the buckets of candy they get to have, BUT it could just be the pumpkin coloring, right? Okay, it’s probably the candy.

Us teachers love to have fun with this holiday too, though, right? Fun activities and some not-so-spooky reads that get the kids laughing are always in the plans! No matter how you enjoyed the holiday with your kiddos, it is mandatory to have some great books on the lesson plans, though. Thankfully I have some below for you to check out, but warning – it’s hard to pick just one!

Also, if you’re looking for some new cool activities and Halloween-ish ideas for the classroom, stay tuned! I’ll have some great suggestions at the end!

Froggy’s Halloween

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I have to say, I’m a bit impartial to Froggy. I love all of his adventures, and so did all of my classes. Froggy searches for the perfect costume and has some hiccups in his trick-or-treating plans, but all goes well! This is just a fun read for students to follow along with.

Bone Soup

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Bone soup is a spooky story of a little skeleton that wants to eat a feast with the townpeople of a new place he stumbled upon on Halloween Day. The townspeople heard rumors and were scared of little Finnigin and his eating stool, eating spoon, and eating mouth. So, he stirs up his own cauldron with his very special ingredient. This is a great read that students are sure to love!

Room on the Broom 

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Little creatures, a witch, and a hungry dragon! So much excitement in this read-aloud! This story follows a witch who loses a few of her belongings from the rough winds, and the little creatures who help her retrieve the items want a ride on her broom in return. Then a hungry dragon enters the picture! What could happen? This is a definite must-have for this Halloween season!

The Halloween Tree

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The Halloween Tree is a unique story about finding a purpose and seeing the beauty in everything. This little sapling grew up without being picked as a beautiful Christmas tree, but in the end, was celebrated as a tree just as special! You can create a new tradition with this book by decorating a Halloween tree your students will love!

Big Pumpkin

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When a witch grows the biggest pumpkin ever and is ready to make a pumpkin pie for Halloween, she has trouble moving it! Neither the witch, a ghost, or mummy can move the gigantic pumpkin, but what about a teeny tiny bat with an idea? Can he move the pumpkin even when the bigger and spookier creatures can’t? Your students will love to find out the bat’s clever idea!

Halloween Activities

Here are a few fun Halloween activities you can enjoy with your class! From Social-Emotional Learning lessons to math fun, I’ve got you covered!

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  • The Big Deal vs. Little Deal SEL lessons– Teach your students how to cope with their emotions and decisions. The ‘Bad Seed’ is grumpy and stressed because he doesn’t think he can think of a Halloween costume that will be the BEST. He makes such a big deal out of it that he tricks his friends into canceling Halloween altogether. After realizing that no fun was being had at all, he decided that his Halloween costume choice wasn’t really a BIG DEAL, but it was, in fact, a LITTLE DEAL – instead, it’s more important to have fun together, and he didn’t need to let this small problem ruin Halloween.
  • Place Value Skeletons – Place value practice, Halloween style! This Halloween math activity will engage your students in the practice of counting base ten blocks to determine the total number. This Skeleton place value activity can be used for individual, small group, and whole class work. Perfect for math centers or math morning work, too!
  • Halloween Bingo – This Halloween Bingo game will be a fun activity for your students to complete in-person or digitally to celebrate Halloween – in person or from a distance! Use this Halloween game as a whole group activity, an early finisher game, in a center, or as an incentive or reward.

These fun activities and books are bound to make Halloween extra memorable for your students this year! There’s such a reward for going the extra mile to make holidays special for each class. Grab a book and an activity and have some spooky fun this Halloween season!

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