Classroom Essentials for the Fall Season

Get ready, teachers! Fall is coming!

It’s my favorite season, and I cannot be more excited about gearing up for fall this year, as I’m sure you are too! Educators get to have the most fun during this season! Entertaining and unique activities, perfect weather for recess and field trips, and not to mention the first big break of the year is coming up!

If you are unsure of what fun, new things to do this autumn season, I may can help! I have some adorable fall decorations below and even better educational activities your students are going to love!

Fall Activities

Obviously, you are going to need some refreshing new activities to do with your students. I have you covered! Here are a few of my favorites!

Fall Measurement Centers – Bundle

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Measurement centers are by far the easiest and most beneficial math centers to have on hand. You can use these year after year as a low prep activity during centers, large group, individual work, and with partners.

Students get to use a ruler or a nonstandard form of measurement to measure to the nearest in, quarter inch, half inch, centimeter, and nonstandard unit. I like to have fun with these and use random items as measurement tools for the nonstandard units. You can use a leaf or apple eraser for fall, pumpkin stickers for Halloween, and mini turkey pictures for Thanksgiving. The possibilities are endless!

You can even create a graph and display with the students recording sheets that are provided with their guesses and actual measurements. Of course, you can get these individually if you do not want the bundle. Here they are individually!

Fall Measuring

Halloween Measuring

Thanksgiving Measuring

Seasonal Place Value Centers

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Talk about making math fun! These place value activities are by far the coolest way to practice counting base ten blocks to determine the total number. They provide all you will need for the lesson and are easy to prep! You print, kiddos cut, and then you all have fun!

Fall Classroom Decor

The most fun part is decorating, right? Yes!

If there is one bit of advice I could give, always go out all with decor. Have fun! Your classroom is a second home for you and your students as well. So, you might as well make it warm and cozy just as you would your own home. It brings joy and life to the area, which is so important.

Flowers and Pumpkin Hangers

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HOW CUTE is this set? I am in love with these perfectly festive ceiling hangers. These are a definite must-have for a beautifully decorated room!

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Border

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Of course, I had to find you the perfect bulletin board for those fall display boards! This is perfect for some plaid incorporation. Although if you are looking for a more traditional theme…

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This set would provide you with plenty of options with 5 different patterns to choose from!

Pro tip: To make your bulletin borders last for years, you can laminate them! I also suggest not cutting them but overlapping pieces to the correct fit if possible. You can get more use out of your border this way!

Light-up Leaf Garland

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Bring some light into your room by adding some twinkle light garland. You can drape this around your door frame or your front board. My favorite way to utilize any light garland is in a sitting area or reading area. It brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the space that makes it more calming, in my opinion.

Door Hangers

If your school allows door hangers, I highly suggest you take advantage! Door hangers are the cutest way to show your creative side and to welcome students and other staff to your fall room. If your school does not allow hangers on the door, you can use these on the wall or on your desk in your classroom! Here are a few of my personal favorites!

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Classroom Activity Ideas

I love being creative with activities as it keeps things engaging and fun. I also love sharing these activities with you! So, here are a couple you can do with your class this year!

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

Ask your students to find the most unique and beautiful leaf they can find. You can take them on a walk-of-the-school to find some on school property, or you can ask them to bring their leaf from home. Once they have their leaf, you can do a small art project. Put a piece of white paper on top of the leaf and let them color over the leaf lightly with any color they want. It will create an outline of their leaf. They can take this home or cut it out to go on the art display board. You can also make a chart out of the different colors of the leaves the class collected.

You can modify this activity to fit any lesson or subject. There are also plenty of great books you can pair this with!

Make-Your-Own Leaf/Pumpkin

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The classic pre-prepped make-your-own activity. These are great for time-eater projects and can be great take-home gifts. I will always love these!

I hope you have an amazing fall season!

You’ve got this!

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