Fun Elementary Social Study Activities

Social Studies covers a wide range of valuable information. Why not make it fun?!

The most interesting part about teaching social studies is the wide variety of topics you can cover – from longitude and latitude to landforms to immigration. You can never get bored!

Let’s be honest, though. These lessons can be a bit extensive. Imagery and visualization are so important for students to be able to master subjects like landforms. But making the materials for this can be so laboring and exhausting. So, I made resources that can be used year after year and modified if need be!

Of course, I want to share this with you! Here are a few fun elementary social study activities and how I have used them!

Longitude and Latitude Activity

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This digital interactive resource is a computer-based presentation, notes, quiz, and project rolled into one! The detailed 10-page presentation covers topics like longitude, latitude, grid map, coordinates, Prime Meridian, International Dateline, and Equator. After students view the presentation, they can fill out the accompanying digital worksheet – the worksheet matches the order of the presentation! To conclude the lesson, students are given a map project and asked to identify the letter that is placed at the given coordinates.

This full lesson was so much fun to do with students. Students can even do this lesson in small groups, in teams, and individual work!

Landforms Activity Bundle

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This resource bundle includes mounds of fun! You can teach the definition of landforms AND take a tour around the world learning about some of our Earth’s most famous landforms! This bundle is made up of multiple teacher-favorite resources that cover many types of landforms, such as rivers, canyons, gulfs, hills, islands, lakes, mesa, mountains, oceans, plateaus, peninsulas, and valleys. Including famous landforms from around the world, such as Mount St. Helens, The Nile River, Mount Everest, The Great Plains, Pacific Ocean, Grand Canyon, Great Lakes, Greenland, Sahara Desert, and Chocolate Hills.

This bundle has 10 activities, mini books, a full lapbook project, and a PowerPoint presentation! You could teach for weeks on this subject with only this resource! That’s exactly why it is a teacher favorite for any environment! Click on the picture to see more about this amazing bundle!

Immigration Activity

I love teaching about the amazing diversity we have in America! This resource was a great conversation starter and gave amazing information to students as they were able to explore how immigration works.

Students can explore simple and complex texts, complete a lapbook project, and create an informational booklet! There is so much more to this material I highly suggest you check out! Notes to parents, digital content, and more!

I have received so much love for this resource as it is so simple to use, aligns with standards, and requires little prep!

Overall, you can be the super fun social studies teacher with the coolest activities with this material! I loved using it myself, and there are many teachers out there who feel the same. Check out these materials and more at my shop!

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