10 Elementary Books for the Fall Season

10 fall themed read aloud books

From factual reads to silly rhymes and even inspirational messages, these books are all great choices for a wide variety of grades! Fall is a season we all love to celebrate and enjoy while it lasts, so grab a book or two below, create a fun activity and soak up the autumn feels!

These books are all ones I would use in my own classroom and recommend to other teachers. Whether you are a parent or educator, you will find value in these picks below!

#1 Awesome Autumn

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This fun factual book is filled with plenty of fun facts about what happens when the seasons make this big change. What events happen, how our weather changes, and how it affects our animals and their environment. If you want a fun way to teach your kiddos about this seasonal shift, this is definitely a great book for that!

#2 Pumpkin Jack

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The pumpkin named Jack. This is a great life cycle story of our beloved symbol of fall – the pumpkin. This story takes students through the story of Jack from a regular pumpkin to a Jack-o-Lantern and beyond. This is also a great opportunity to remind students not to use bleach on their pumpkin creations, so other animals won’t be harmed consuming them, or so they can possibly reproduce their seeds for next year!

#3 Spookley the Square Pumpkin

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Ahh, Spookley! One of my all-time favorite books to pull out each fall! This fun story you can create many activities with! As simple as I can say it, this is a must-have book to add to your collection if you haven’t already!

#4 Pumpkin Soup

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Add a bowl full of pumpkin, a pinch of autumn, and a dash of friendship, and you’ve got a wonderful book ready to be served! This book beautifully displays fall vibes while teaching a meaningful story of friendship too.

#5 The Hugging Tree

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For a tree that grew where it was never meant to be, it is resilient and inspiring. Through the seasons and many changes, the story behind this one little tree is amazing. Your students will love this read and will receive a great message as well! It sparks conversations about how the seasons changing can affect plants as well!

#6 10 Fat Turkeys

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What a silly and fun book to entertain the kiddos! Wacky turkey antics are definitely something to lighten the mood in the classroom, with no doubt your students will love this fall book!

#7 Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

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Join a young girl as she journeys through her town to greet all the new signs of autumn as they appear! This fall book is a great way to introduce all the changes your kiddos may see in their surroundings. After reading this, you can even take a short field trip around the school to look at the signs you can see in your area and have students make a list. There are several fun activities you can pair this book with!

#8 Leaf Man

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Follow Leaf Man’s journey as he rides the autumn breeze! This is a great read to pair with a leaf activity! One of my favorites is leaf art, where students pick out a leaf, put a white piece of paper over it, and use a crayon to color. The shape of the leaf will appear as they color. Another fun activity is for them to create their own leaf man from items they find outside. These are great bulletin board hangers!

#9 Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

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Your students can follow along with Fletcher as they feel the wonders of seasons changing around them. This is a beautiful story about autumn and what comes after the leaves fall.

#10 There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves

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A fun twist on an old classic! If you’re looking for a cute fall book this year, add this to your cart immediately! This book is sequencing and autumn fun mixed into one. If you loved the classic, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, you will definitely love this one too!

All of these books are great reads to add to your collection and share the joy of fall with your students! Click on the pictures to see more!

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