This Back to School Bingo is Perfect for Your Classroom!

Let’s be honest, we love games just as much as our students do. They’re fun, engaging and it gives us a break from the regular day-to-day school routine. But what games can I do with my primary aged kiddos? There are so many fun games to do with your classroom, but one of my all time favorites is Bingo! Here’s why!

It Gets the Kiddos Involved

Every year the first few days of school are the quietest. Everyone is getting used to their new surroundings and peers, while some might just be shy. To help everyone open up a bit more I love to use this game as an ice breaker! It gets students’ minds off the newness and allows them to have fun and show their personalities during a friendly competition. 

It’s Great for All Young Ages

This Bingo is great for such a wide age range because it uses BTS themed pictures! If you are using this for your kindergarten classroom and they have not been introduced to letter or number bingo this is a great introduction to how the game works as well.

Bingo is Useful Anytime! 

This is the perfect game to add into morning work, time fillers, or for when students come back from holiday breaks! We all can also agree that finding work for substitute teachers to do can be challenging and time consuming. So, this is an awesome sub resource as well!

Another reason I love this resource is because it is perfect for digital learning and the students can make their own cards if they want! This has been a great distance teaching game because the students can easily play along on their own device. There are also color and balck and white versions available! 

Check out this Back to School Bingo here! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Back-to-School-Bingo-Game-Print-and-Digital-7102335


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