Shabby Chic Classroom Finds from Hobby Lobby

Slide06I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

classroom decor isn’t allllll for the kids.

It’s for US, too.  As teachers who spend upwards of 50 hours a week or more, WE need a space where we are comfortable and feel at home.

It’s an added bonus that creating that comforting space for us also creates a motivating learning environment for our students.

If you’re looking to give your classroom a makeover, you should definitely give the ‘shabby chic’ look a try!  Not only is it simple, but it is warm and inviting.

I did some hunting, and found some GREAT finds at Hobby Lobby that would go *perfectly* with my newest set of classroom decor!


Disclaimer- I receive NO compensation from Hobby Lobby for this post – I just love the place that much 🙂

Baskets and Trays

IMG 3049

Baskets and trays are perfect for students to turn in paperwork!  Use these label templates to type your own labels and attach to your trays!

Chalkboard Calendar

IMG 3050

Use this as your main classroom calendar or use it for your teacher-schedule!  Easy to add and remove information.  If you are looking for another option for a shabby chic calendar, check this one out!

Bulletin Board Accents

IMG 3046

How cute would these be to attach to the corners of your bulletin boards for some extra flair?  If you’re looking for some bulletin board banners, check these out, too!

Door Decor

IMG 3052

How adorable would this be outside your classroom door?!  It would completely set the tone for your shabby chic classroom.

Fake Plants

IMG 3048

Something about plants just makes a space feel extra-homey, don’t you think?  These plants don’t need watering or sunshine… so if you’re anything like me it’s PERFECT.  I can’t keep a plant alive… shame.

Table Numbers

IMG 3053

How much fun would it be to have one of these for each of your student tables?  Hang them from the ceiling, too!  If you are looking for table numbers that you could print instead, click here!


IMG 3054

Pillows are awesome for the classroom because the give kids a chance to get comfortable while they learn!  This cactus one is a favorite of mine 🙂

Cacti Accents

IMG 3047

Tie in your whole theme with a few accent pieces!  I especially love that cactus light 🙂

Click here to go to Hobby Lobby’s website to check out these items and more, and make sure you always search for a coupon when you buy – they *usually* have a 40% off one item coupon that is always valid!

If you are looking for some decor items that will go along with this shabby chic theme, check out this decor set in my Teachers Pay Teachers store 🙂

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What will your decor theme be for next year?  I hope you found some ideas while you were here 🙂


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