Persuasive Writing Unit




Persuasive writing has been one of my favorite things to teach my students this year. I found so much success with this unit, that I polished it up so that other students can have the same fun that mine did!

During this project, your students will work together to create a persuasive ‘commercial’ for a restaurant. Once drafts are written and scripts are drafted, students will perform their commercial head-to-head against another team with the same type of restaurant. Once the audience has seen the commercials, they will vote which restaurant of each type was the MOST persuasive!

Included in this product is everything you need to successfully take your students through a three week persuasive unit/team project:

Lesson Plans: Fifteen days of student-tested lesson plans. I take you through my three weeks of using this unit with my third graders. Included are prep recommendations, estimated times for each lesson, and personal recommendations and suggestions.

Job Application: Students will apply for their job at Whiz Kid Advertising by filling out this job application.

Project Team Options: All class sizes are different – Options for 12 teams, 10 teams, 8 teams, 6 teams, and 4 teams are all included to fit your needs.

You’re Hired!: Once you have assigned your students to a project team, have them sign their employment contract! Cut in half – each page has 2 contracts!

Team Portfolio: Each team gets a mini project portfolio where they will write the rough drafts of each paragraph. Their portfolio also includes directions, suggestions, and a place to organize reasons and a thesis statement. To assemble: Choose a cover, then run the copies for the portfolio front/back. Put 2 staples along the left margin and cut in half! 2 portfolios per copy!

Team Brainstorming: Your students will use this page to think about what makes their assigned restaurant special. They will have so much fun brainstorming and using their creativity to make the restaurant come alive!

Menu Options: Your students can use these templates to create a menu for their restaurant.

Office Signs: Print on cardstock and have your teams color their office signs and then fold in half. Once you assign each project team a designated spot in the room to work (their office!), they can display this sign each day that they are “at work.”

’Your Job Today’: Project these signs every day through a projector or print the signs to hang in the room. Signs give directions for what they need to accomplish at “work” that day, plus suggestions of what to do when they finish that day’s job! Displaying these signs will help your students be more independent workers so you have time to circulate the room!

Scripts: Print a copy for each team to write their lines on. Once they have made a master copy, you can photocopy them to give to each member of the team.

Employee of the Shift Awards: Motivate your students to be productive employees by awarding them ‘Employee of the Shift.’ Motivate your teams to be hard workers by awarding them ‘Team of the Shift.’ Both certificates come in color and black/white line art!

Voting Cards: Print these cards out on performance day so your class can vote which team was the most persuasive!

Curly’s Cupcakes: Use these printouts for an alternate restaurant to model the whole process from beginning to end with your students. I have even written the final draft for you to refer to when modeling how to write each paragraph!

Download the preview to see a snapshot of what is included in this all-inclusive three week unit!


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