Four Winter Math Must-Haves

4 Winter Math Must Haves

I loved watching my students learn about the different seasons and I loved, even more, to carry over those themes into my math lessons! Whether it be using candy canes as counters during Christmas or beach ball activities before the summer break. Adding those little details incorporates other lessons, as well as keeping students engaged during all subjects. 

Now that the wonderful winter season is coming up, I want to share my favorite winter math activities you can use in your classroom! Here are a few from my personal collection:

Winter Buddy Measuring Center

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This super fun center can help your students to practice measuring to the nearest inch, half-inch, quarter-inch, and centimeter. Your students can use the included recording sheets to write down their measurements and compare them with others in the group. This was always a great way to informally assess where students are in their learning for those who need a bit more help in this area. You can also use this as a partner activity, as well! 

Winter Multiplication Task Cards

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These task cards are great for your 2nd-3rd grade classrooms! They are perfect for practicing multiplication fact fluency with arrays. When I would do this activity with my class, I found that my favorite activity was to display the task cards in presentation view to model expectations while the class competed to show the correct answers. You can do this to create a friendly competition between split sides of the classroom or even individually, as well! It makes for a very engaging and effective practice period. 

You’ll get 6 answer page options, an answer key, and 32 task cards with arrays for factors 1-12! This activity can easily be simplified to how many task cards you’d like to use – 32, 28, 24, 20, 16, or 12! To continue the differentiation, you could let your class complete this as a group activity as well!

Snow Buddy Arrays Task Cards

Screenshot 2022 01 06 2.54.09 PM 1

This task card activity continues the array’s fun with 32 cards. The students are given a card that has winter-themed images and a task for them to write the correct multiplication sentence and product on their recording sheet. For a bit of extra fun, you can use these task cards in a whole group game of SCOOT! I loved this activity to enforce those critical thinking skills! 

Winter Measurement Centers BUNDLE

Screenshot 2022 01 06 2.56.27 PM 1

This winter bundle is an absolute must-have! I used this year after year in my class and they were always a hit! This bundle includes 3 different winter-themed estimating and measuring activities with all the materials you need! From Christmas elves to snowmen to candy hearts, you can use these for your math centers fun. 

They are perfectly geared towards 1st-4th graders and can be used for the whole group, centers, or small group work. It’s always the perfect time for practice and review in math. 

Grab all of these resources at my shop, HERE! Happy Winter!

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