5 Christmas Math Activities for Elementary Students

5 Christmas Activities for Elementary Students 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the season we get to bring out all the festive Christmas math activities to share and enjoy with our kiddos. If you follow me here, then you will already know how important I feel it is to bring the holidays into the classroom. (If you still need to follow me, go hit that follow button!) Doing extra activities to bring the joy of the season can help give students a break from the norm as well as provide the opportunity to be engaged in a new way!

So, I created the most fun and festive Christmas-themed activities to give you math teachers a ready-to-go resource you can use year after year! You can easily modify these five math resources below as you need to fit your schedule and classroom levels. Answer keys, worksheets, PowerPoints, and digital versions are also included. Now, let’s take a look at these Christmas activities!

#1 Christmas Measuring Center

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This Christmas Measuring Center is perfect for 1st-4th grade and can be used as a center or for small groups and large group. Students get to practice their measuring skills for inch, half-inch, centimeter, and non-standard forms of measurement. To have a little bit of extra fun, you can add Christmas erasers, jingle bells, or even mini candy canes as a non-standard form of measurement your kiddos can also take home!

#2 Christmas Place Value Elves – Task Cards with Base Ten

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Have a ball creating these Place Value Elves task cards! You can engage your students in the practice of counting base ten blocks to determine the total number with style. They will use the provided task cards to find the correct number the elf is “made up of” and record it on the provided recording sheets. They can make their own elves with their number blocks, cut and color their elf’s hat and shoes, and then number block bodies if they like. These are perfect for display boards to show off your class’ fun learning activities!

A PowerPoint presentation, recording sheet, answer key, and create-your-own elf template is included. Basically, everything you need to complete this activity with your class from start to finish! If you’re looking to turn this into an energizing game for your kiddos, then you can place the task cards around the room and turn it into a scoot game. These Christmas Math activities are always so much fun!

#3 Christmas Multiplication Ornament Arrays

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The Multiplication Ornament Array task cards are perfect for your 2nd-3rd grade kiddos! Students get to exercise their multiplication fact fluency and knowledge of arrays with this engaging activity. With the 24 task cards provided, students use the worksheets to create multiplication problems and solve them by practicing arrays. This is another resource you can quickly turn into a scoot game for a more active practice lesson!

You can easily modify this resource to fit your lesson plans by choosing how many task cards you give to your students. There are worksheet options for 12, 18, and 24. It’s perfect for an early finisher, homework, or exit tickets as well.

#4 Christmas Bingo Game

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This Christmas Bingo Game is a great activity to do with multiple grade levels. It is a holiday-themed picture bingo that is festive and fits any age. Plus, this is a print-and-go resource AND a digital resource! Which means low-prep for you and multiple uses in many settings! Students can play this independently in centers, with friends in small groups, or even as a whole group. With four pages of calling cards and create-your-own card templates, you have plenty of variation to choose from! 

I loved to pull this game specifically for centers as it is perfect for students to do as a team together. However, if you need more of a time-filler or focus activity, then you can have students create their own cards with the provided templates. They can cut and color them, or you can let them create it digitally. This just gives a little bit of extra fun and personalization to the project while keeping them busy with holiday things.

#5 Christmas Place Value and Number Sense

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Simple prep and amazing differentiation are exactly what this resource is all about! Your students will get to practice place value with number sense tasks in this activity book. Your 1st and 2nd graders will have six tasks in the book: comparing numbers, ordering numbers, 10 more-10 less, 3-addend addition, subtraction, and missing addends.

The variation included means easily modifiable material to fit your class’ needs. You can use this activity as guided independent work, homework, small group, and morning work. I have all the tips you need to add this activity to your lesson plan with ease here!

Choose one or choose all! Each of these Christmas math activities are sure to be a hit in your classroom for years to come! I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this holiday season!
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