Tips Teachers need to know BEFORE Summer Break

Hey there you lovely educators! You’ve come here for some good tips, tricks, and hacks, and I definitely don’t think these will disappoint! As the school year comes to an end, you find yourself looking for activities, hacks to help things run smoothly, and how to navigate the chaos of packing your classroom. 

I was an educator for several years, and as a result, I picked up a few tricks along the way. Now, I would love to share them with YOU! When it comes to resources for lessons and centers, you know I’ve got you! But I have also recently shared a few must-know hacks that will really make your teacher life less stressful, and I want to make sure you don’t miss these. 

Here they are!

How to Pack Up Your Classroom Like a Pro

In this blog, you will find mind-blowing tips to make packing your classroom SO much easier! I dreaded post-planning days filled with organizing, cleaning, and moving. BUT thankfully, I figured out a pretty neat system to keep things organized during the school year that cuts packing time in half! 

Whether you have a plethora of books scattered by categories of seasons, holidays, and subjects, you can quickly get these sorted and KEEP them sorted for years to come. It’s one of my favorite hacks that I learned from a fellow teacher, and I share it with everyone I can! 

You’ll also find ALL the materials you’ll need while packing in that article. Everything in one place; how convenient! Go check it out here.

Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year 

I couldn’t pack all of the wonderful tips into one blog, so I had to write another! I find sharing these hacks with you and passing on the knowledge I’ve acquired makes the years I served as an educator even more worth it. There are so many shortcuts that many teachers hold back on and let you figure out for yourself, and I never understood that. 

So, here I am sharing 6 more valuable hacks to make your life easier. How to get students involved in helping organize, the best apparel I ever purchased for the classroom, and how to plan early are just a few points mentioned. Go check it out here.

End of the Year Lapbook for 2nd-4th Graders

If you are a 2nd-4th grade teacher, you have hit the jackpot of fun end-of-the-year activities! Congratulations!

I absolutely love this lapbook. There are so many great ways this activity can be beneficial to add to your lesson plans. You can use it as a bulletin board display, student connection piece, and even a fun item to add to your student’s end-of-the-year packets. 

There’s so much more info in the blog about these fun activities. Go check it out here

I hope you enjoy and find value in all of the incredible tips and resources. But the most important thing is, you’ve made it another wonderful year! Go YOU!

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