The Best To-Do List Template for Teachers

Teachers love notebooks.  Teachers love pens…. and teachers love a good to-do list.  At any given point, you can find about 20 things on my to-do list.  I am known to write things on my to-do list that I’ve already done, juuuust so I have something to cross off πŸ™‚

I noticed a trend, though… every time I looked at that long to-do list, I felt overwhelmed.  What would I do first?  What did I really NEED to do, and what was just fluff?  I knew I had to find a solution, because the last thing I needed causing me stress was my to-do list.

I came up with a printable template for me to organize my to-do’s into a more productive list of priorities, and it quickly became my favorite way to organize everything on my teacher-plate.

Why I love each part of this teacher to-do list:

  • There is a spot for every day of the week: There are certain tasks on my list that are time sensitive – I want to make sure that I know which day something needs to be taken care of!
  • Must do/May do: There are things that I have no choice but to do (like that parent email) but then there are things that I’d like to do if I have the time (like laminate those centers before we use them).  This helps me prioritize so I can finish those super important tasks FIRST!
  • Weekly goals: I love having somewhere on this page where I can give myself a little pep talk… sometimes I list personal goals, too!
  • Meetings: Because let’s be real… it’s hard to remember them all.
  • Notes: Somewhere to jot down things I need to remember that aren’t a “task.”
  • Next Week: I love having this box to write down what needs to go into next week’s to-do list!
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