Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year


First, let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS for making it to the end of yet another fantastic school year! You deserve a little party! (Cue the confetti canons and strobe lights.) 

As exciting as this part of the year is, it can also be a bit overwhelming. So, let me help you out with a few tips to get the end of the year done right. 

Let’s just jump right into this one!

Hack #1

The most important thing to do is start preparing early. You will have to host end-of-the-year parties, make momentos to send home, gather piles of paperwork (SO. MUCH. PAPERWORK.), and pack up your entire classroom all in the next few weeks. 

So, start now. Grab your planner, schedule out all the important dates and add in your ideal times to do paperwork and grab party supplies at the store. Oh, don’t forget these cute planner stickers, because why not! 

Optimizing your time daily helps you to not procrastinate and keep everything organized in one place. This also helps to ensure you don’t stay in the classroom until you’re the last person in the building. Yes, I’m talking to YOU, ma’am! 

Hack #2

Keep instruction fun, engaging, and challenging. You can definitely do all 3 by incorporating some activities that encourage practice in a unique way. You can add in measurement centers, bingo games, and brain busters to keep your students active in the classroom without the endless worksheets. 

How is this a hack? You know better than anyone how students’ attention spans disappear more and more the closer it gets to the last day of school. Behavior gets iffy, motivation begins to plummet, and the talking gets louder and louder! Instead of fighting the natural waves, grab a board and start riding them to the end. Redirecting all that built-up energy and excitement into a productive learning opportunity is a huge win!

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Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year 11
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Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year 12
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Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year 13

Hack #3

Start packing your room NOW! Don’t wait till the last few days or even till post-planning to get the ball rolling. Get out your totes and strap that label maker on your hip. You’ll save yourself SO much stress just simply getting a head start. 

If you’re looking for some AMAZING tips, have a look at this blog. It’s FILLED with tons of hacks and tricks to make packing up for summer a breeze! These packing tips are built for teachers looking to get the job done quickly and efficiently!


Hack #4 

Put on an apron! Yes, the one chefs wear to cook in. You will want to wear this thing constantly when you see how helpful it is! An apron can be your best friend when you’re packing, decorating for the end-of-the-year party, or even just going about daily instruction. You can easily fill the pockets with your tape, markers, and candy. Oh, I mean staple remover (*wink wink*). Just grab the one you stuffed in the back of your kitchen drawer, or if you’ve already regifted that one you got for Christmas, you can grab one of these cute options below!

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Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year 14
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Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year 15
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Teacher Hacks for the End of the School Year 17


Having easy access to your supplies will help you move along any process! Plus, you can strap it on during moving day and pop your school keys on for easy access! This way, you don’t leave them on your desk and walk to your car with 5 bags, no way in your car, and no way back in the building, but bang on the door to get someone to open it for you. Save yourself the hassle. Just throw everything you need in the apron’s extra pockets and be the cool, innovative teacher on the hall.

Hack #5 

Take advantage of the extra time post-testing season gifts you, and go through your supply list. You can even have students help you! Thankfully, I always had a select few students who would volunteer to help. This would be the perfect opportunity to hand off small tedious tasks that needed to be done but didn’t necessarily need my oversight. Such as going through the supplies, throwing the dried-out markers away, and keeping track of what colors needed to be replenished. Or also helping me sort through papers and books. 

My students loved doing this during movies or free time, and I appreciated the help! 

Hack #6 

Have your students make an end-of-the-year lapbook to take home with them! This lapbook is the sweetest memento to send home and gives you the opportunity to reflect back on the year with your students. You can find 2nd-4th grade lapbooks here and more information on this fun activity in this blog!


Again, congratulations on making it through another school year. You are amazing, valued, and appreciated. Thank you for being a fantastic teacher! Keep it up!

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