Subtract Across Zeroes: Digital Math Task Cards




Do your students need to practice subtracting across zeroes? Math task cards made easy – take most of the prep work OUT of independent math tasks with digiMATH!



⇨ Don’t waste your time and resources printing, laminating, and storing task cards. Work smarter by having students access targeted math skill practice via their device.

⇨ Use with ANY digital learning platform – simply use your digital learning platform (like Google Classroom or SeeSaw) to share the file and the answer page with your students. You could also email the files to your students, or upload to a password protected webpage that is for your own class to view.

⇨ Students will view problems/questions on their device, and record their answers on an answer page, digitally or on a hard copy (both options provided).

⇨ Students will self-check their OWN work and turn in/submit their answer page. This holds them accountable for their work and it gives YOU the assessment info you need to drive your instructional decisions! (You also get a copy of the problems/questions file with NO answers, just in case you want to do the grading!)

CLICK HERE FOR A FREE DEMOto try digiMATH task cards out for yourself!


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