Place Value Worksheets for Second Grade Math

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This BUNDLED second grade math resource includes printable and digital math worksheets that give your second graders practice adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, place value, identifying 10 more/10 less and 100 more/100 less, and comparing numbers (2NBT1, 2NBT2, 2NBT3, 2NBT4, 2NBT5, 2NBT6, 2NBT7, 2NBT8, 2NBT9). These Common Core aligned math quick checks are perfect for morning work, assessment, homework, review, fast-finisher activities, exit tickets, and math centers.

These math worksheets are provided in THREE formats to best fit your classroom needs – Print and Go, Google Slides, and JPEG.


2.NBT.1 – Understanding Place Value

  • writing numbers when given hundreds/tens/ones in word form (4 pages)
  • identifying value of underlined number (1 page)
  • using place value to make a number (2 pages)
  • making numbers using base 10 blocks (3 pages)

2.NBT.2 – Count Within 1000 and Skip Counting

  • fill in the missing numbers to make pattern on 100 table; identify pattern (10 pages)
  • fill in missing numbers from pattern (2 pages)

2.NBT.3 – Read and Write Numbers Within 1000

  • writing numbers in standard form when given word form (2 pages)
  • writing numbers in expanded form when given standard form (2 pages)
  • writing numbers in word form when given standard form (2 pages)
  • writing numbers in standard, expanded, and word form (4 pages)

2.NBT.4 – Compare 2 Three-Digit Numbers

  • comparing three digit numbers (3 pages)
  • comparing numbers in word form (2 pages)
  • comparing numbers in standard, word, and expanded form (3 pages)
  • order numbers from least to greatest (2 pages)

2.NBT.5 – Add and Subtract 2-Digit Numbers Within 1000

  • adding 2-digit numbers (5 pages)
  • subtracting 2-digit numbers without borrowing (5 pages)
  • subtracting 2-digit numbers with borrowing (5 pages)

2.NBT.6 – Adding With More Than Two Addends

  • adding with three addends (6 pages)
  • adding with four addends (6 pages)

2.NBT.7 – Adding and Subtracting Within 1000

  • adding 3-digit numbers (5 pages)
  • subtracting 3-digit numbers without borrowing (3 pages)
  • subtracting 3-digit numbers with borrowing (5 pages)
  • subtracting across zeros (2 pages)

2.NBT.8 – Mentally Adding and Subtracting 10 and 100

  • 10 more/10 less word form (2 pages)
  • 100 more/100 less word form (2 pages)
  • fill in the missing numbers for 10 more/10 less and 100 more/100 less (8 pages)

2.NBT.9 – Modeling and Explaining Addition and Subtractions

  • explain strategies for solving problems in words, pictures, and/or numbers. (6 pages)
  • show addition problems using base 10 blocks (2 pages)
  • show subtraction problems using base 10 blocks (2 pages)

All of these first grade math practice pages are included in three formats:

  • Print and go: Printable pages for your students. Answer key included.
  • Google Slides: Link to Google Slides presentation. All text boxes have been added for you, and some directions have been modified to fit the digital formatting. Students will need to be familiar with text, line, and scribble tools to complete this format.
  • JPEG: individual JPEG files of each worksheet. This format is ideal for digital learning platforms like Seesaw where students can “draw” on top of a file using their finger or a stylus pen.

What makes these math quick checks better?

  • Check for student understanding of a single skill in multiple ways
  • Student centered design with easy-to-read fonts and minimal clipart
  • Aligned with Common Core, but skill based to give you the ability to apply to any set of standards
  • Print and digital formats to seamlessly adapt to your current learning environment


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