Multiplication Table




Explore the multiplication table as detectives as you find factors of products! Your third graders will love practicing their multiplication facts with these printables and a mini-book.

Included in this resource:

  • I Spy With My Little Eye…: Half pages prompting students to fill in the missing products. Pages included for all sets of factors 0-10. Cover page included for option to turn half pages into mini-workbook.
  • I Spy Patterns: Students are prompted to identify patterns they see in the multiplication table.
  • Missing Products: Students fill in random missing products from the multiplication table.
  • Factor and Product: Students color products yellow and factors blue. Definitions included on worksheet.
  • Small multiplication table: Made to copy and distribute to students. Tape on desks or in folders for reference.
  • Large multiplication table: Made for student reference. Display in room or use during lessons as teaching tool.

Color and black/white versions are included.


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