Place Value Skeletons | Halloween Math




Place value practice, Halloween style! This Halloween math activity will engage your students in practice of counting base ten blocks to determine the total number. This Skeleton place value activity can be used as individual, small group and whole class work. Perfect for math centers or math morning work, too!

Included in this resource:

  • 16 place value skeleton task cards (base ten blocks represented are tens and ones only)
  • 1 place value skeleton PowerPoint presentation
  • Recording sheet
  • Answer Key
  • Templates to create place value skeleton

Task Cards/Presentation

  • Use the 16 place value skeleton cards like task cards or Scoot. Place them around the room and have students travel to each card while filling out answers on their recording sheet –OR-
  • Use the skeleton place value cards in a center or small group, as early finisher tasks or morning work
  • Use the PowerPoint presentation to do a whole-class activity. Present the slides one at a time and give students time to figure out ‘how many’ each skeleton is made up of. Students will record answers on the recording sheet. Teacher can go over answers together as a class.

Place Value Skeleton – Create Your Own

  • Print out enough copies of all templates. Students will create the place value skeleton and then write ‘how many’ – perfect for a bulletin board display!
  • To up the challenge while students create their own skeleton, write a number on each of the cards before passing them out. Students will have to create the skeleton that you assign them – use as an informal assessment tool!
  • Please note: The ‘create your own skeleton’ activity will take some time because of the cutting – keep this in mind while planning!
  • Tip: Assign students to practice cutting skills by cutting out their base ten block templates as morning work and storing them in a baggie until it’s time to complete the activity.


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