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Use DigiMath games on any device – computers, tablets, iPads, phones – as long as you have a PDF reader, this game is sure to be a hit with your students! It’ll be a hit with YOU, their teacher, because it is no prep, no print, AND it requires no-wifi or student logins.

Video Preview Link included in the Preview File!

What Will My Students Learn?
Comparing Numbers is the focus of this no prep, no print game. Students will have access to 4 levels of skills, each with 25 questions each:

→ Comparing 1-Digit Numbers
→ Comparing 2-Digit Numbers
→ Comparing 3-Digit Numbers
→ Comparing 4/5-Digit Numbers

… and a bonus set of questions for sequencing numbers from least to greatest.

Why should I use DigiMath instead of regular pencil & paper?
With DigiMath games, your students have 4 levels of scaffolded differentiation, right at their fingertips. You are able to let them explore OR you can assign them to work on a certain level.

Another perk to DigiMath games is that they are SELF-CHECKING! When students get the right answer, they will know it. When they get the wrong answer, they will have the chance to look at the question again to figure out their mistake.

Lastly, DigiMath games are licensed to be able to share the files within the families of your students – meaning, you can share the file via a PRIVATE Dropbox account or Google Drive account and your students can do DigiMath games as homework or extra practice!

Please ask any and all questions before purchasing ([email protected]) – due to the digital nature of this file, refunds are unable to be issued.


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