K-5 Math Skill Checks for the Entire Year

If you are looking for the ULTIMATE math bundle for the entire year, you’ve come to the right place! 

If I had to pick one thing to say about teaching math, it would be that I regret the time wasted looking for resources. There never seemed to be a resource similar to what I was looking for. It was exhausting looking for material that fit my class, aligned with the standards, and had enough worksheets to last each unit.

It seemed like a constant struggle. All I longed for was a year-long plan that included all of the subjects and resources in one place so I would never have to look again. Is that too much to ask for??

After forever failing to find what I needed, I made my own math skills bundle. Even better, I am sharing this bundle with you to save you some stress and hours spent at the computer! 

Let’s list the perks of these bundles, shall we?

  • ZERO clutter! As cute as clipart and frilly fonts can be, they can also be very distracting for students. I mean, how many times have you seen more coloring and calligraphy practice than math work on your student’s unfinished classwork?
  • Consistent formatting of each page means more simplicity. Each worksheet follows a pattern that allows students to be more independent in their work. 
  • One standard/skill at a time. One goal per page leads to excellent data that helps guide your instruction.
  • Multiple ways to show mastery. Each student is different in the way they learn and exemplify their skills. This is why it’s essential to have various options to help your students show off what they have learned.
  • There are 10+ pages per standard! Every unit is included!
  • They are easy to print, copy and assign! They even work perfectly as Google Slides and with SeeSaw!

Here are the math worksheets that are low-prep and low-stress for each grade! Feel free to scroll to your specific grade!

Kindergarten Bundle

Hey there, Kindergarten Educators! Here you will find the full year bundle of math skills checks! You will be the envy of every teacher when you readily pull out multiple differentiated resources for each standard at planning meetings! Click on the picture or follow the link here to grab this lifesaving bundle of teacher-joy. 

Featured Units

Numbers and Quantities | Compose/Decompose Numbers | Counting to 100 by 1s and 10s | Describing Objects | 2D & 3D Shapes | Shapes and Positional Words

  • 16 more!

First Grade Bundle

First Grade Educators, you’ve made it. This is a milestone in your career you will always remember. The moment when you decided enough was enough, and you were ready to get your planning period back, save time and money, and finally have materials on hand that are consistent and effective. All by grabbing this one resource that will even make filling your substitute planner a breeze. 

Featured Units

Telling Time | Composite Shapes | Addition and Subtraction Word Problems | Missing Numbers in Equations | True or False and the Equal Sign

  • 16 more!

Second Grade Bundle

Welcome Second Grade Educators! Here’s the only resource you will need to fill out your yearly planner for years to come. These worksheets are perfect for homework, morning work, review, and assessments. Do you need substitute work? You’ve got that! Do you need differentiated practice? You’ve got it! You’ll be set with these worksheets in your back pocket!

Features Units

Measurement Word Problems | Money and Money Word Problems | Place Value Practice: Hundreds, Tens, and Ones | Arrays and Repeated Addition 

  • 21 more!

Third Grade Bundle 

You wonderful Third Grade Educators deserve the best. So, here you can find the best bundle of ready-to-print math skills checks for your classroom. Don’t settle with what you can find in a pinch on google, and don’t spend your precious time creating worksheets. Grab this package and get the best out of your resources.

Featured Units

Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs | Perimeter | Fractions on a Number Line | Multi-Step Word Problems 

  • 20 more!

Fourth Grade Bundle

Hi Fourth Grade Educators! Do you have the dream of having files full of excellent math worksheets at your fingertips? In this dream, do you picture yourself running into a problem with the printer, and instead of going into panic mode, you calmly turn to your computer and pull up a google slide of the exact worksheets you need for your lesson? Or do you have a digital classroom and would love to use SeeSaw for work? Let those dreams become a reality! It’s only one click away!

Features Units

Rounding | Interpreting Multiplication Equations | Rules and Patterns | Lines of Symmetry | Measure and Draw Angles

  • 22 more!

Fifth Grade Bundle

Okay, Fifth Grade Educators, let’s discuss what you can do to make lesson planning WAY less stressful. First, you can grab this resource by clicking on the picture above or here. Secondly, you can add these to your resource library. Third, you can relax. 

Phew! That was easy! And yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. All you need to reduce that heavy teacher load is a resource that organizes a whole year’s worth of resources into one click of a download button. 

Featured Subjects:

Polygons and Shapes | Multiply and Divide Powers of 10; Exponents | Solving Equations With Decimals | Divide Unit Fractions by Whole Numbers | Calculating Volume 

  • 22 more!

All Educators, this is for YOU!

If you find that you would benefit from collecting the ENTIRE K-5 math skills check bundles into one single download, then here is how you can do that!

You can grab this K-5 bundle for 1,700+ pages of digital AND printable worksheets! Each grade’s full year of resources are available and organized into their standards. 

You can find these resources and more at my shop!

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