Fun Tracing and Letter Formation Booklet to Help Your Students Write!

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One of the biggest tasks for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten classrooms is handwriting. Every  student is different and can be on different levels of handwriting skills. I love to see the progress of my students’ handwriting every year! From very wiggly lines and barely recognizable letters to clear, correctly formatted writing and a big proud smile on my student’s face! 

My top handwriting practice activity is tracing. It can be so beneficial for our young writers and provide a strong foundation for students to learn from. I have one of my favorite booklets to share with you, too! Here are s few reasons why I know you’ll love it too!

Guide for Correct Formation

To help students learn how to write letters, they need guidance to which direction their lines should go and the steps to writing each letter. Tracing can be difficult if students don’t know where to start their lines and practicing a wrong format can delay a student’s handwriting. It’s important to have practice that allows them to see how the letter is written and allows them to follow along leading to clear handwriting quicker!

Student Assessment 

This activity can help you, or your teaching assistant, see which students may need some extra help with letter recognition, letter format, or even holding their pencils. This practice can be used to improve all of those skills at school or at home. Having home practice can also help parents see where they can help in their child’s learning.


If you are starting at ground zero and your students have no letter recognition, this can help them to learn their letter names all while learning to write, too! I love doing alphabet songs and cards, but having this activity gives my students a hands-on way to learn their letters as well. Tracing and writing has been proven to help learn and recall information, so this activity can be super helpful in your class!

Motor Skills

This booklet is perfect for motor skills! These are just a few ways: folding the booklet, holding and putting pressure on the pencil, manipulating the pencil around the paper, and turning the pages. To be able to use a pencil correctly and add pressure to write a student needs good motor skills. A few extra activities for this is using playdough, coloring, and legos to strengthen those writing muscles!

Overall, this booklet can prove to be very useful in your classroom and is perfect to show improvement throughout the year! Grab this resource and get started on your classroom’s writing skills!https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-Formation-Handwriting-Practice-7227988


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