Everything You Need For A Tie Dye Classroom Theme


It’s time to get your Tie Dye on! This is one of the most fun classroom themes out there. I love the colorful, playful atmosphere this theme adds to the classroom, and so do students!

There is so much you can do with this theme as, thankfully, there are so many unique pieces of decor you can add to make it extra fun! From adding a tie dye rug to brightening up your ceiling with colorful ornaments, there are so many options.

Here are a few things you ABSOLUTELY need to add to your tie-dye classroom!

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First, the essentials!

Here is EVERYTHING you need to get started! First and foremost, you need the essentials. The educational poster that you will use all year long. Calendar sets, binder covers, classroom jobs posters, and so much more.

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Luckily enough, you can find ALL of that in this bundle! 300 sights word cards, color posters, shape posters, supply labels, banners, clock labels, and birthday cards galore! So, while you’re setting up your bulletin board, you can have your

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So, now that you have the adorably themed necessities let’s talk about what you need to make your room POP!

Secondly, all the extras!

Now to spice things up! To put your special touch on the room, you’ll need a few extra items. I always liked to go the extra mile by adding little pieces that tie in the theme just perfectly. 

For the cutest tie dye room additions, here are some ideas!

Paper Lanterns: The cutest ceiling decor!

Screenshot 2022 06 17 12.36.57 AM 2

Paper lanterns are the perfect way to bring color from the floor to the ceiling! I love adding these throughout the room or bunched in the corner as a pop of personality. You can also add LED lights on the inside for extra pizzaz!


Screenshot 2022 06 17 1.41.17 AM

Well, this one depends on the age group, but I firmly believe some fun door streamers bring joy into the classroom! These don’t only have to be used at the door. You can use these as wall decorations or cut them short to use as a skirt around your desk.

Tie Dye Rug

Screenshot 2022 06 17 1.43.59 AM

Rugs are absolutely a must. They bring a cozy, homey feel to the room instead of those white floors that reach to the white walls and white ceilings. These are a great addition to reading areas, the front of the classroom, or around your desk.

Lastly, the details!

Creating the perfect classroom aesthetic means taking care of everything down to the details. This means the small things like student welcome baggies, table set up, and desks. Here are some ideas!

Tie Dye Table Cover

Screenshot 2022 06 17 12.38.02 AM

These are perfect for welcome tables and computer desks. You can also use table covers as background material for your bulletin boards!

Bulletin Board Border

Screenshot 2022 06 17 1.45.51 AM

This border is double-sided with tie-dye and groovy designs. Bulletin boards are a must-have for any classroom, and thankfully they can be used for years! Grab yours!

Slap Bracelets

Screenshot 2022 06 17 1.42.30 AM

Slap bracelets are a true classic and the perfect addition to a goodie bag for new students. They can also be used in the treasure box during the school year!

Tie Dye Pencils

Screenshot 2022 06 17 1.46.31 AM

These are also the perfect addition to goodie bags and treasure boxes! Plus, you can never have enough pencils in the classroom, am I right?!

Now you have everything you need for the perfect tie dye classroom! Have fun and experiment with even more decor! Themes can be so exciting to put together and really create the perfect atmosphere in your room!

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