8 Winter Themed Books for Children

Looking for some fun winter themed children’s books to engage your students during this cold and dreary season? I believe it’s important to speak on more than just the fun holidays we celebrate during this time and reach into what the winter season is all about in nature. So, below I have gathered a few of my favorite winter themed books for children that are perfect for teaching primary to elementary students about winter.

#1 Winnie Loves Winter

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This book is the perfect introduction to the winter season for young children. It includes all the things the loving character Winnie adores about winter. Plus, factual information that helps students learn why this season is important. I also love the beautiful pictures that portray this time of year perfectly.

#2 When Winter Comes

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If you’re looking for a sweet, poetic read-along that really celebrates the fullness of the winter season, this board book is exactly what you need. It highlights the vibrancy of families in the outdoors and wildlife during this chilly season. This book is perfect to use for a poetic representation of winter, especially for language arts use.

#3 Winter Things

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Here is another great board book! It is written in a familiar, simple rhyme that brings an especially fun read to the classroom. Thing One and Thing Two spend the day enjoying all the fun activities you can do this time of year. This book represents the overall joy you can have during winter with snow angels, ice skating, and many more activities. The students love this book!
You can also use this book to talk about the many activities your students like and create a comparison chart of all the favorite winter activities in your classroom!

#4 Winter is the Warmest Season

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When you think of winter, you don’t automatically think of warmth. However, this book brings a new perspective to this season. This story follows a little boy and his family through a day of winter warmth. Warm fires, hot breakfast, steaming cocoa, and a candlelit party are all part of their day. This is a great way to show students how to include all forms of descriptive words in this season, the coziest time of year. I also really enjoy the beautiful illustrations included in this book!

#5 Snow

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This book follows a young girl, her friend, and her grandmother as they travel through the many things a snowy winter day has to offer. The lyrical descriptions of this book and the intricate illustrations really touch on the beauty of snow during the winter season. I also love how the story follows family fun and friendship in a special way!

#6 Ten Ways to Hear Snow

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Another family-filled story! This is a truly beautiful illustration of snow and the many ways to experience its wonder. A snowy trip to Grandma’s becomes time spent discovering the world in a new way by taking a pause to get in touch with the nature of winter. The young girl discovers ten ways to pay attention to what might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This is, overall, an amazing book to pull out each year to teach students to slow down and enjoy every moment.

#7 Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story

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For teaching about the wonder of hibernation, this story explores the factual and fun ways to spot hibernation in action. A boy and his grandmother follow along with nature and spot animals that hibernate from their habits based on the information in this book. This is a gentle introductory book into the concept of hibernation that is great for many ages. It allows student participation as they can see what the child in the story cannot and learn how to spot the hidden hibernating creatures in their natural habitats. It also includes information on each animal and how they wake up for spring!

#8 What is a Season? Winter

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This colorful and rhythmic story of winter is especially fun to follow. The poetic writing of this book helps to discuss all the wonderful things of the winter season! It is a simple and fun book that is perfect for a rhyming read-aloud.

All of these winter themed children’s books are wonderful additions to your winter library. I hope you and your classroom enjoy this winter season and learn all the wonderful things it has to offer! 

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