Valentine’s Day Activities and Books to Love!

Are you looking for some sweet Valentine’s day activities to add to your centers or small groups? Here are a few you’re going to fall in love with! Valentine’s Day is always a holiday the kiddos look forward to each year, so including fun material to celebrate this day while still practicing valuable skills is a win in my book!

So, I’ve created two easily modifiable Valentine’s-themed activities that are perfect to pull out this time of year. Plus, a few of my favorite books! Check these resources out below and grab some sweet activities for your kiddos.

Valentine’s Day Activities:

#1 Valentine’s Day Math Center

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This resource is perfect for primary and elementary classes. Students get to practice their measuring and estimation skills in this activity. They will use the themed images and recording sheets provided to estimate the measurements of each item and then measure the actual size. They will practice measuring to the nearest inch, half-inch, quarter-inch, centimeter, or non-standard unit of measurement.

To make this activity even sweeter, you can get creative and use a Valentine’s Day item as a non-standard unit of measurement. A Hershey’s Kiss, a heart eraser, or even heart stickers. You can modify this any way you want for your kiddos.

#2 Valentine’s Day Bingo

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Bingo is a classic, all-time favorite that you can never go wrong with. The students are always excited to play it, and thankfully with this themed version, any age level can join in the fun! This activity can be enjoyed as a print-and-go resource or a digital resource. It includes 35 unique playing cards, four pages of calling cards, and a create-your-own card. So students can also create and color their own pages.

This is great for centers, small groups, or large group game time. You can get creative and let students use candy hearts as chips or even heart stickers. The possibilities are endless! This is a simple and fun game that can be enjoyed year after year for Valentine’s celebrations and fun.

Valentine’s Day Books:

#1 Turkey’s Valentine’s Surprise

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For Valentine’s Day, Turkey decides to secretly deliver Valentine’s cards to his friends while disguised. He quickly finds out it is hard to trick his friends but has plenty of silly surprises in store. The students will love following along with this book and seeing how Turkey tricks each of his friends.

#2 Love from the Crayons

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I love, love, love the Crayons book series. This Valentine’s themed book shows kiddos the many shades of love and how Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all red and pink. It’s a cute book that is perfect for keeping in your seasonal library.

#3 The Biggest Valentine Ever

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This is an adorable book that follows two mice as they deliver the biggest Valentine ever. It represents friendship and teamwork as two friends learn to work together. Your students will love this adorable book, and so will you!

All of these activities and books are great resources for the Valentine’s Day holiday coming up! Add these to your lesson plan, and have a sweet time with your students. Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you are looking for more great resources, you can find activities and games for your class HERE!

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