St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

I love love love to celebrate every holiday with just as much fun and excitement as the big holidays like Christmas and Halloween bring. The joy in a child’s eyes is what makes all of the hard work worth it. Even if it means coming in early to sprinkle a trail of gold dust on the floor to make it look like a leprechaun visited and left a nice big pot of “gold” chocolates as a gift! 

I’m sure you love making these moments magical for your kiddos too, so below are a couple of activities that can really top the day off! Keep an eye out for some extra lucky tips for St. Patty’s Day fun at the end, too! 

St. Patrick’s Day Measuring

This is the perfect center or small group activity! Your students can practice their measuring skills with twelve colorful themed pictures including start and stop indications for measurement. On their recording sheets, they can write down their estimate and then add the true measurement to check their skills. 

This lucky resource covers

  • Nearest inch
  • Nearest half-inch
  • Nearest quarter-inch
  • Nearest centimeter

I have even let students measure using items they find around the room like pompoms or number blocks. To take this activity further you can also have students sort the images longest to shortest after they are done measuring. I’ve found this was such a flexible and engaging activity for any grade as it is easily modified to fit multiple levels.

Luckily enough, it is a print-and-go PDF! That means more planning period and less prep. *sigh of relief*

Grab this activity here!

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo 

Who seriously doesn’t love this classic?! Bingo is one of the few games I could bring out in my classroom and my students would truly get excited every single time. It’s an educational brain break and fun addition to any lesson… especially when it’s St. Patrick’s Day themed! 

This bingo game can even be played as a digital version for a twist or for online classes! If you choose to do the physical version there are 82 print-and-go pages. I don’t know about you, but I loved to do color prints for my games so I could laminate them to reuse year after year. However, I understand not all schools have color ink available. So, included is also a black and white version for ensuring a good print. 

Along with the 35 unique game cards and the calling cards, there is also a create your own game card template! This can come in handy if you would like some extra time filler. Don’t worry, there is a digital create your own template as well. All you’ll do is use google slides, or another platform, to drag and drop the pictures to their desired places and then use the drag and drop counters as well. Easy Peasy!

Whether you use this for a whole group activity, group center, morning work, or reward you can be reassured, it will be a hit!

Grab this activity here!

Extra Lucky St. Patty’s Day Tips!

If you want to do something special or change up your usual traditions, here are some fun ideas to make this day as magical as it can be!

1. Have a mini Green Party! Students can bring in drinks and snacks that are green for a small snacktime party. Bonus if they wear all green!

2. Give out goody bags with green candy in them. You can find green M&Ms, Skittles, Sour Punch Straws, etc., and put them into a small goody bag to hand out at the end of the day. (The extra bonus for doing this treat means you get to keep the leftover candy that isn’t green! Score!) You can even have a slightly bigger goody bag for the student that finds a hidden Lucky Duck! You can use a rubber duck bath toy and hide it somewhere in the room and whoever finds it wins!

3. Have the students write a short story, or draw a picture, of what they think it would be like to be a Leprechaun. These make great bulletin board materials and parent keepsakes! Glue the paper on a bigger piece of green construction paper to make a border to jazz it up.

I hope you found some new, fun St. Patricks Day ideas for your classroom! Head over to my shop to find more! 

Happy March!

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